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Xirrus Federal Lights up U.S. National Mall With High Performance Wi-Fi for U.S. Park Police
Sep 01, 2010 (11:09 AM EDT)

Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays Used for Data and Surveillance Cameras Covering the U.S. National Mall for Public Events Such as Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally this Past Weekend

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Xirrus®, the only Wi-Fi Power Play in the industry, announced today support for the U.S. Park Police with Wi-Fi infrastructure used to enhance public safety during public events, including Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, at the U.S. National Mall, in Washington D.C this past weekend. The Xirrus Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Kits were used to wirelessly link High Definition (HD) surveillance cameras from the top of the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument as well as other locations in-between.



"Xirrus Wi-Fi clearly had the advantage over 3G backhaul connections for this type of venue," said Kurt Sauter, Executive Director of Federal at Xirrus. "Given the tens of thousands of cellular users in the crowd, the ability to use 3G cellular to reliably uplink surveillance cameras was not feasible.  Instead, we quickly deployed three high performance Wi-Fi Arrays to create an effective wireless network for streaming wireless video that covered distances of nearly a mile.  Using Xirrus 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays along with High Definition (HD) cameras provided law enforcement real-time video and data that aided public safety."

Xirrus Rapid Deployment Kits are targeted to first-responders, public venues, and disaster relief applications with the ability to handle hundreds of users from a single device, with a setup time that is 5 minutes to operational status.  Xirrus is the only vendor with the capability of covering large areas and supporting large user populations with so few devices.

Federal customers can access information about Xirrus products through the GSA Schedules e-Library by searching by the contract number (GS-35F-0544M), "Xirrus" or other keywords denoting the products sought. Customers can also place orders on-line through GSA Advantage at

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