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Gettysburg Passage, a Novel from Amazon, is Among First Wave Optimized for New E-reader Platforms Including Kindle, Apple iOS, Smartphones and PCs
Aug 25, 2010 (02:08 PM EDT)

Gettysburg Passage Includes Videos, Hypertext and Social Networking Integration

Gettysburg Passage, ISBN 978-0-615-39102-1, Amazon ASIN: B00408AOMW

FAIRFAX, Va., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Gettysburg Passage, new action adventure fiction by John Callahan, is available from Gettysburg Passage is believed to be in the very first wave of mainstream novels written and published targeting next generation e-reader capable devices, including Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone/iTouch, BlackBerry, Android, Mac and PC.

"The new novel Gettysburg Passage exploits the information networking power of e-readers to deliver a richer reading, learning and social experience," Callahan said.

"The vast majority of e-books – especially mainstream fiction –  are digitized versions of existing books and provide a 500-year-old reading experience. Most aren't taking advantage of information-rich, Web-based resources accessible on e-readers," Callahan said. "In my book, readers link to relevant YouTube videos, or explore with hypertext links to history, biographies – even muscle car descriptions. It's a deeper experience."

Readers can share the experience with friends through built in e-reader capabilities such as highlighting and social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

About Gettysburg Passage, a New Novel from Amazon

A mysterious and possibly miraculous archaeological discovery emerges that may shake the world. Incredibly, uncovering the meaning of the find may depend on the determination of  some friends living around Washington. Will they interrupt their busy lives when one of them comes across a strange artifact found near the White House? An internet search reveals the discovery is related to a twin artifact in Syria, which is attracting thousands of pilgrims. The objects, an original ancient mace and an American copy, unlock a hidden and sometimes terrifying world that threatens to overwhelm Rick Reynolds and his friends.  In this fast paced action and adventure story, Reynolds, his friends, a violent pursuer, two archaeologists and the world's largest armies – Federal and rebels – can't avoid a fiery collision near a murky passage in the hallowed hills near Gettysburg, PA.

About Author

John Callahan, author of Gettysburg Passage, is also a high tech executive.  His book blog covers ancient civilizations, history, philosophy, religion, physics, the humanities and adventure.  

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John Callahan, 703-409-0118

Twitter: @JohnJ_Callahan


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