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Beauty Product Line 'Cherry Jack Couture' Launches Online Store on THE LOOK
Aug 23, 2010 (07:08 PM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Beauty product line Cherry Jack Couture launched its unique "Creative Beauty" line on a custom online store on THE LOOK today, announced Alan Mruvka, Founder & CEO of the newly launched celebrity, fashion, and beauty network -



Cherry Jack Couture is a skin care and beauty company, which features an extensive collection of the most effective bed and bath products using natural raw organic ingredients. Jamie Livingston, Owner and Founder of Cherry Jack, is defining the concept of Raw Organic Skin Care, while setting a new standard for quality organic ingredients.

"Since my childhood, I have been focused on the true concept of beauty through the art of creativity," said Livingston. "Being asked to participate in THE LOOK's online shopping experience is symbolic, because it recognizes what Cherry Jack Couture is about -- Creative Beauty both inwardly as well as outwardly."

"We're excited to be offering the Cherry Jack bath and body collection on THE LOOK," added Mruvka. "It is important throughout our various stores to offer the best products around."

Other online stores recently launched on THE LOOK website include Lotus Wei Organics, featuring floral water elixirs, energy mists and body serums; and Clear Poreformance, with their deep pore cleansing system for radiant hair and skin.


Created for women, THE LOOK covers everything celebrity from fashion and beauty, to lifestyle and fitness. Through its numerous fashion and beauty experts, THE LOOK editorial team gives the audience an inside perspective into the world of celebrity lifestyle. THE LOOK is really three sites in one, an online network, a daily editorial and photo site, and an ecommerce store. As a network, THE LOOK features four original series including: "On the Scene," "Fashion Diva," "DIY: Do It Yourself," and "Beauty School." Viewers can find these series online at and in the future on cable, satellite, syndication, mobile and in the international markets. As an editorial and photo site, THE LOOK features hundreds of articles and celebrity photos updated daily. In addition, each celebrity photo is enhanced with an ecommerce rollover capability that allows the consumer to purchase similar items to those worn by the celebrity in the photo. As an ecommerce store, THE LOOK offers hundreds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products for sale on the site, both name brands and celebrity brands.

THE LOOK Founder & CEO Alan Mruvka has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business. His monumental successes in the entertainment industry include revolutionizing a genre of entertainment and celebrity based news by founding pop culture icon, E! Entertainment Television. Since leaving E!, Mruvka founded The Ministry of Film, a film and television company, where he created and executive produced numerous television shows including USA Network's "Pacific Blue," basic cable's highest rated one hour drama which shot over 100 episodes and ran five seasons; and the weekly boxing series "Thunderbox." He also produced several feature films including the winner of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival's critically acclaimed "Digging to China," starring Kevin Bacon and Evan Rachel Wood, and directed by Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton; Showtime's "The Legend of Gatorface;" and "State and Main," starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alec Baldwin, William H. Macy and Sarah Jessica Parker, and directed by acclaimed playwright David Mamet.

About Cherry Jack Couture

Cherry Jack Couture is defining the concept of Raw Organic Skin Care while setting a new standard for quality organic ingredients. Jamie Livingston, Owner and Founder of Cherry Jack Couture, has always had a deep desire to capture the essence of Beauty. Since her childhood, Livingston has focused on the true concept of beauty thru the art of creativity. Livingston has spent her life developing the concept she calls "Creative Beauty." When she set out to develop the highest quality skin care line available, she had just one thing in mind: Your Skin! When developing her Bath and Body Collection for Cherry Jack Couture, Livingston focused her study in the beauty of Nature herself, incorporating everything beautiful and beneficial from nature into something organically pure for your skin.

Cherry Jack features an extensive collection of the most effective products using natural raw organic Ingredients. Their estheticians have developed each product based on its researched efficiency and cosmetic elegance. Cherry Jack creates its body collection using only pure, natural and raw organic ingredients which blend vitamin rich fruit, soothing flowers, moisturizing oils and butters, toning and mineralizing sea elements, detoxifying sea salts, conditioning cane sugar, organic honey, hydrating aloe vera, and vitamin enriched extracts. Singly, these ingredients contain endless nutrients that are beneficial for your skin. When these ingredients are bound together, they are a powerful force fighting to nourish, protect and rejuvenate your skin. The combinations of vitamin rich fruit, moisturizing oils and butters, detoxifying sea salts and vitamin enriched extracts all work together in unison to ensure your skin's natural health and beauty. Cherry Jack extends the art of creativity to you by offering an option to create your own custom blend bath and body products. There is an endless selection of essential oil and fragrance oils that allow you to create something as unique as you!