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Aug 11, 2010 (10:08 AM EDT)

Including Access to Futures Screeners, Hot Futures, Most Active, All-Time Highs/Lows, Trading Signals, Momentum Analysis, Performance and Commitment of Traders Data

CHICAGO, Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information, today announced the launch of several new futures and commodity market data sections on The new sections are free to visitors of and contain valuable market data and analysis tools which will help traders and other market participants better navigate through over 5,000 different futures contracts, covering Equity Indices, Interest Rates, Energy, Metals, Foreign Exchange, Grains, Livestock and Softs. The new sections include: Futures Screener; Hot Futures; Most Active Futures; All-Time Highs/Lows for futures; Futures Momentum; Futures Performance; Futures Trading Signals; and, Commitment of Traders data. The new data is available in the Futures Market Pulse section, and is in addition to Barchart's existing Futures Heat Map. With the growing amount of data to analyze in futures markets, these new tools are designed to help futures market participants better monitor and analyze the markets.

"Our new Futures Market Pulse sections contain some data and tools that have never been available on a public website," said Eero Pikat, President of, Inc. "Not only have we developed unique displays for futures market data, we have also given traders and investors valuable new tools to use for analyzing these markets," added Pikat.

Key features of each new section include:

  • Futures Screener: filter over 5,000 futures contracts by market; price; volume; open interest; highs or lows over different time periods; profile; technicals, including moving average, historic volatility, percent change and standard deviation; and, by trading opinions for specific technical indicators.
  • Hot Futures: provides multiple views of the most volatile futures contracts, ranked by standard deviation over several periods including daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Most Active Futures: displays the most active futures contracts across all futures markets in terms of the current day's volume.
  • All-Time Highs/Lows for futures: displays the all-time highs and lows for all futures contracts across numerous time periods, including short, medium and long-term ranges. The percent change between the current price and the all-time high/low for a selected period is also provided.
  • Futures Momentum: provides a ranked listing, available through several different views, of bullish and bearish momentum over the past 12-months for all futures markets.
  • Futures Performance: provides access to the percent change in each futures contract for different time periods ranging from daily and monthly to year-to-date and 12-month periods.
  • Futures Trading Signals: provides buy and sell opinions updated throughout the day based off various technical analysis algorithms, including Barchart's proprietary Trendspotter™ indicator, as well as other short, medium and long-term indicators, for over 5,000 futures contracts.
  • Commitment of Traders data: offers the ability to chart Commitment of Traders data beneath price data allowing you to analyze price movements in relation to which groups of market participants, including Commercials, Large Speculators, Producers, Swap Dealers and Managed Money, are buying versus selling.
  • Futures Heat Map: colored-coded grid ranging from dark green for larger positive price movements to dark red for larger negative price movements which is used for both intermarket and intramarket analysis.

The new futures market data and analysis tools can be viewed at  

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