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Reportlinker Adds Car Theft and Security Trends in North America
Aug 10, 2010 (11:08 AM EDT)

NEW YORK, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Car theft and security trends in North America

Car theft and security trends in North America provides analysis of the market status in the USA and Canada.

Recent legislative changes allowing the deletion of the steering lock when an electronic immobiliser is fitted gives vehicle manufacturers cost saving opportunities. However, if the steering lock is deleted, what increased opportunities does this give thieves to steal cars? And what is the effect on brand image?

This research is essential for any company focused on North America, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective guide to the world's biggest market.

This report will help you to understand:

  • Demographic variations in theft across USA and Canada
  • Which vehicle are most at risk and why
  • Who the key players in the insurance industry are and the influence that have on security fitment
  • The main research organisations and their contribution to theft reduction
  • Legislation which allows steering locks to be deleted
  • Which models have saved costs by gaining exemption from parts marking

1. Executive summary

1.1 Introduction

1.2 USA market status

1.3 Canadian market status

1.4 Background to theft in North America

1.5 Current situation

2. North American Market

2.1 Overview

2.2 Theft in USA

2.3 Theft in Canada

3. Theft methods

3.1 Obtaining keys fraudulently

3.2 Sophisticated theft methods

3.3 Theft of parts

4. Theft reduction strategies

4.1 USA

4.2 Canada

5. Insurance in the USA

5.1 Background

5.2 Insurance structure

5.3 Influence of security

5.4 Fitment of security in USA

6. Insurance in Canada

6.1 Background

6.1.1 Private motor insurance companies

6.1.2 Public (Provincially owned) insurance companies

6.2 Insurance structure

6.3 Influence of security

7. Legislation

7.1 USA legislation

7.2 Canadian legislation

7.3 Parts marking exemption

7.4 Deletion of steering lock


Fig. 1 Illustration of car theft rates by market (2007 data)

Fig. 2 Countries with highest vehicle ownership (vehicles per 1,000 people

Fig. 3 Population density of the USA

Fig. 4 Map of Canada

Fig. 5 USA & Canada sales by Manufacturer

Fig. 6 USA motor vehicle theft trend (1997-2007)

Fig. 7 USA Census Regions

Fig. 8 USA Metropolitan areas with highest vehicle theft rates (2007)

Fig. 9 Regional theft trend in USA

Fig. 10 Most stolen cars in USA (2007)

Fig. 11 Canada's provincial population

Fig. 12 Canadian motor vehicle theft trend (1997-2007)

Fig. 13 Provincial theft trend

Fig. 14 Top ten most stolen vehicles in Canada (2007)

Fig. 15 Manitoba immobilizer target fitment rates

Fig. 16 Market share of USA leading motor insurers (2007)

Fig. 17 Motor insurance structure in the USA

Fig. 18 Extract from HLDI loss tables

Fig. 19 Most and least expensive USA cities for motor insurance (2007)

Fig. 20 Benefits for security features in USA

Fig. 21 Security feature availability in USA (2006 data)

Fig. 22 Private motor insurers in Canada

Fig. 23 Motor insurance structure in Canada

Fig. 24 Example of IBC "How cars Measure Up" data

Fig. 25 Summary of Canadian ULC-S338 immobilizer requirements

Fig. 26 Benefits for security fitment in Canada

Fig. 27 Parts marking exemption in the USA (2006MY to 2010MY)

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