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SafetyWeb Launches iPhone and Android Apps to Help Parents Protect Their Kids While on the Go
Aug 09, 2010 (04:08 PM EDT)

Online Safety Service also Enables Mobile Phone Monitoring for Parents

DENVER, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- SafetyWeb LLC, the online service that helps parents keep their children safe online, launched a first-of-its-kind online safety app for the iPhone and Android, offering parents unprecedented connectivity and ability to protect their children from online abuse. The SafetyWeb app (available now in the iPhone App Store and Android Market) provides parents with the ability to track their child's online activity on their smartphones – affording the best information about instances of cyber bullying and abuse and enabling the quickest appropriate response.  

"Now that we've extended SafetyWeb onto mobile devices, parents can always be aware of potential online threats to their children – and receive alerts in the palm of their hand," said Geoffrey Arone, co-founder of SafetyWeb.  

Additionally, through the acquisition of Odojo in July 2010, SafetyWeb has integrated mobile phone data into its monitoring algorithms, providing the most comprehensive information to parents who are concerned with their children's online social interactions. By incorporating Odojo's technology, SafetyWeb gives parents the unprecedented ability to track children's texting activity, influxes of mobile activity and potential dangers.    

"Kids are constantly plugged in, and the tools we provide help parents protect their kids' safety, privacy and reputation.  By integrating Odojo's technology, we can offer mobile phone monitoring – which is important because of how frequently kids use their phones," said Michael Clark, co-founder of SafetyWeb. "Bullying is no longer limited to the playground or classroom, and our mission is to plug parents in to where it's happening – whether it's online or via text message."  

SafetyWeb is the first service of its kind to provide parents with layers of relevant data about their child's online social presence – searching the web for images, mentions and social network information. SafetyWeb empowers parents with the information they need to diffuse and deter instances of abusive digital behavior – from cyber bullying to unwanted solicitations – and to decide the best course of action if their child is victimized online.  

SafetyWeb will soon incorporate data into their leading-edge safety service from gaming consoles and geo-location services, providing parents with a comprehensive toolkit that helps pinpoint concerning behavior. Since launch, over 2,500 affiliates are distributing SafetyWeb.  The service provides parents with easy-to-read weekly reports on their child's online activity and 24-hour access to website services for $10/month or $100/year.  To learn more or to get started, visit

About SafetyWeb LLC

SafetyWeb is the online service that simplifies online safety by helping parents guard their children's online safety, privacy and reputation. The service monitors the web to deliver reports and immediate alerts on irregularities and dangers associated with kids' and teens' online activity. SafetyWeb arms parents with the information they need to determine acceptable and healthy online behavior. The company was founded in 2009 by Geoffrey Arone and Michael Clark, who have worked on web sites that combined, serviced over 500 million register users. For more information visit: