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Xplana is Now Live!
Aug 10, 2010 (05:08 PM EDT)

COLUMBIA, Mo., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday, Xplana, a division of MBS Service Company, Inc., launched a new student learning platform that bridges social networking and the traditional elements of education to transform the way students manage their academic lives. Unique in the marketplace, begins the student experience with a focus on the individual and his or her personal study needs. The platform aggregates resources and connections from all over the Web and organizes those within a meaningful academic context so that students can become more successful in their informal learning efforts.

"First and foremost, Xplana is the only platform that focuses on the individual student and what he or she needs to support personal study activities," Dennis Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer of Xplana, said. "We focus on the needs of individual students and their informal learning activities. We built Xplana to address student work outside of the classroom, outside the LMS [Learning Management System], and outside the book."

The Xplana staff continuously aggregates and indexes free resources for students by tagging content with course subject areas, subsequently placing these Web resources within a meaningful learning context in one convenient location.

"Xplana removes the complexity and difficulty from the studying equation by giving students the exact resources they're looking for," Rob Reynolds, Director of Product Design and Research, said. "No longer will they be punished for not being able to find what they need to be successful students."

Reynolds said Xplana adds further meaning to study content though the inclusion of academic communities. Specifically, the platform enables students to create and participate in their own study groups, strengthening their interaction with other learners and helping focus their studies around a course, textbook, or assignment.

Not only does Xplana provide a rich library of meaningful resources for students, it also gives students the tools to collect and edit that content, as well as add their own content to the platform. This includes notes, study guides, documents, media, Web pages, and flash cards. Xplana also provides students access to their purchased e-textbooks and enables them to synchronize their notes and annotations.

Coming soon, Xplana will offer a mobile application for the iPhone and Android devices.  With the mobile application, students can access their materials, take notes, and make annotations anywhere, anytime. Any updates they make will automatically sync up with the online version the next time they log in.

"Xplana will transform the way students manage their academic lives by simplifying the learning process," said Flanagan. "Best of all, we tie students' informal learning back to their formal educational activities -- including digital and print textbooks."

Those interested in registering for a free Xplana account may do so by visiting and selecting the "sign up" tab in the upper-right hand corner of the home page.

About Xplana

Xplana is an online social learning platform that connects learners to content and communities. The platform is free to students and features an open, modular architecture that provides an organized learning context for useful learning content and tools scattered about the Web. It simplifies the learning process by connecting students' informal learning outside of the classroom with the formal platforms and structures of schools and institutions. Additionally, Xplana serves as an access and distribution point for premium content from educational publishers and other premium content providers, targeted to the specific academic subject need of the student.

For more information about Xplana, visit or contact Rob Reynolds at or 573-239-9025.