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Calvert Partners Introduces Duval Virtual Instruction Academy in Florida
Jul 30, 2010 (12:07 PM EDT)

BALTIMORE, July 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Calvert Partners is delighted to announce an innovative new partnership with Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida, that will offer a virtual instruction program to K-5 students throughout Duval County through Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA). DVIA expects to enroll a minimum of 150 students this fall.  



The partnership represents an expansion of Duval's virtual school options, which were previously outsourced. Through its district-led program, students will benefit from instructional support by state-certified Supervising Teachers, counselors, and resource staff provided by DVIA.

Together, Calvert and DVIA are committed to offering an alternative to traditional learning that ensures that each student reaches his or her academic potential through a blended curriculum of traditional educational resources and techniques, as well as 21st century online learning resources.

Dr. Marilyn Myers, Supervisor of Virtual Education for Duval County Schools said, "We chose Calvert because of its longstanding commitment to educating children through a model of partnership with the local school systems.  This non-profit organization is a perfect match for a public school district whose desire is to educate each child from his or her current level to full potential. Calvert is committed to DVIA's vision. Success for every student occurs via creating an environment of acceptance, developing an alliance of all stakeholders, and expanding learning to an individualized adventure utilizing innovative solutions"

Brady Locher, Calvert's Director of Partnership Development, said, "Dr. Marilyn Myers' leadership in the field of virtual education led to this dynamic partnership. This program will not only enhance virtual education options for students but will also contribute directly to the development of 21st century virtual instructional competencies among the district's professional faculty and staff."

Calvert's distance learning solution offers school districts more academic control in managing students, greater teacher interaction, a balance of online and offline instruction, and a world-renowned curriculum. This innovative solution also allows districts to retain the majority of their per-pupil revenue, providing funding for other priorities in a difficult economic climate.  

About Calvert Partners

Calvert has been the trusted leader in distance learning for over a century.  It serves schools and students in all 50 states and over 60 countries with its world-renowned curriculum and exceptional academic support services. Calvert dedicates itself to inspiring students to realize their full potential in a 21st century learning environment, using a proven curriculum and expert instructional support systems designed to encourage academic excellence.

About Duval Virtual Instruction Academy

Duval Virtual Instruction Academy expands learning to an individualized adventure, utilizing innovative solutions in education. DVIA facilitates learning through an online classroom environment that may include multimedia resources, internet, video conferencing, webinars, simulations, and other alternatives. Virtual learning's success rests in its ability to meet the diverse individual needs of students based on academic placement, goals, lifestyle, and ability.  DVIA is ideal for students who may require personalized instruction, who prefer to learn at home, or who prefer to study at an accelerated pace. In addition, DVIA is well-suited for students who travel or have medical issues, are economically-displaced private school students, or are athletes or performers. DVIA also enables parents to be more actively involved in their children's education.

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