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IPRC Announces Industry's First Controllable Electronics Certification
Jul 30, 2010 (09:07 AM EDT)

IPRC to offer Product Certification Services for IP-based home automation products and electronics; IPRC Certified Products will result in lower operational costs for remote manufacturers with a Strategic and Effective Advertising Platform

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- ( IPRC, the nation's only provider of remote control certification, today announced the establishment of the world's first standardized IP, RS-232, and IR control database. IPRC's services go beyond simply providing a centralized source of information. IPRC provides testing and device interoperability validation between all partnered manufacturers, and provides targeted advertising services through use of IPRC's Installer membership program.

Pursuing a unique marketing approach that builds brand recognition and benefits all member companies, IPRC will coordinate the management of the electronic industry's control codes for several communication technologies including infrared, RS-232, and IP. Manufacturers who apply as Technology Partners will enjoy the following benefits: access to our complete control code database, equipment testing and direct advertising to IPRC Installers. IPRC's Installer Program provides IPRC Technology Partners with a value-added service that will significantly increase the effectiveness of a client's advertising and marketing campaign.

"We are committed to helping our Technology Partners and Home Installers reach their customers and propel their business by way of partner programs, co-branding opportunities, and direct marketing," said Scott Zuckerman, Director of Marketing. "IPRC's process for validating Technology Partner Control Codes and requiring a standard submission format greatly reduces the turnaround time required for remote manufactures to add support for that product. An IPRC certified product also has the advantage of indicating to end consumers and Home Installers that a 'remote' and a 'controllable' product have been thoroughly tested to work with each other," added Fernando Arias, Chief Certification Coordinator.

IPRC is not alone in believing that IP Control is the future of home automation. "I think this is a move in the right direction, the industry needs some type of a central/governing body for all IP related products. As a long time Netstreams installer, I would like to see the IP control sector grow and flourish. We barely scratch the surface when it comes to IP capable devices and I think the future looks bright," said Yaniv Oren, President of Texas based company, Intellipowered.

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About IPRC

IPRC (IP Remote Control) is the industry certifier of all electronic devices capable of remote control over a computer network. Collaborating with the industry's most trusted electronic brands, we help create a streamlined process for remote manufacturers to add product support for IP Controllable products, and for Technology Partners to directly advertise through member programs.

SOURCE IP Remote Control LLC