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eScholar Launches New Version of Postsecondary Data Warehouse Solution
Jul 21, 2010 (09:07 AM EDT)

Enables State Education Agencies to Link PK-12 Data with Postsecondary Data

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- eScholar LLC, the leader in education data management software, has released the latest version of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® for Postsecondary (CDW-PS).  CDW-PS provides state education agencies (SEAs) and other interested organizations with the ability to more effectively monitor, track and analyze data associated with postsecondary student, institution and staff activity. CDW-PS together with eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® for PK-12 (CDW-PK12) enables organizations to better understand the impact of PK-12 educational programs on postsecondary student outcomes. The question of how PK-12 programs impact the readiness of students for postsecondary activity is receiving increased interest from organizations such as the Gates Foundation who are investing in research programs related to this area.

"With the increased focus on P-20 longitudinal data analysis, state education agencies are looking for ways to collect more granular, student-level postsecondary information and to analyze those data in the context of PK-12 history to better understand what works in educating tomorrow's workforce," said Russell Redgate, eScholar's head of Complete Data Warehouse products. "The CDW-PS meets their needs with a comprehensive data model and packaged software for data collection and integration, and can be combined with the CDW-PK12 to comprise a complete P-20 State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)."

The highlights of this new product, which is available immediately, include:

  • New domains supporting Student Awards, Credits and GPA, Programs and Services, Student Expense, and State attributes and facts expand the scope of data available for collection and analyses
  • Enhanced support for enrollment options and FAFSA
  • Support for Financial Aid at the campus level
  • Ability to associate CIP Codes to Programs

"eScholar has been a valuable partner in our efforts to expand the scope of data collected in the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS)," said Dave Ream, PIMS Project Manager at the Pennsylvania Department of Education. "CDW-PS v12.0 enables us to continue this expansion into new data sets including postsecondary program attributes and measures at the most granular, student level, which we expect will give us even greater insight into improving student outcomes both at the postsecondary and K-12 levels."

The expansion of the CDW-PS data model with version 12.0 enables more sophisticated longitudinal analysis of student performance across a wide array of data categories. SEAs can now analyze data with respect to academic degrees and other awards conferred upon students over time, for example, in the context of their history of courses, programs of study, and credits and GPA earned by academic term and cumulatively for any reporting period and/or any program. This is just one example of the powerful longitudinal capability unlocked through CDW-PS. eScholar is leading the way toward robust P-20 analysis and decision making with its market-leading data model and sophisticated COTS solutions designed to meet the needs of SEAs now and into the future.

Organizations can learn more about version 12 of the eScholar CDW-PS by visiting or visiting our booth at the upcoming NCES Summer Data Conference July 28 through July 30, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland.  

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