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Lateral Data Viewpoint™ E-discovery Software Provides All-In-One Solution for C2 Legal
Jul 20, 2010 (05:07 PM EDT)

National Litigation Support Services Provider Specializing in Hosted Document Review And Analysis Says Viewpoint will Help Improve Productivity and Lower Costs

HOUSTON, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- E-discovery technology leader Lateral Data, LP today announced that C2 Legal, one of the nation's premier providers of Litigation Support Services to corporate legal departments and their outside counsel, has selected Lateral Data's Viewpoint™ E-discovery software as a primary service application.  Viewpoint, now in Version 4.5, will enable C2 Legal to execute the entire spectrum of Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) components in one integrated and optimized E-discovery solution.

Founded in 1996, C2 Legal serves legal clients across the U.S. from major offices in four city centers—New York, Chicago, Houston and Detroit.  The company has established itself as a value leader, providing timely and accurate E-discovery while producing solutions and workflows that reduce its clients' full cost of review by 50% or more.

Using Viewpoint, C2 Legal anticipates further efficiencies to its unique business model.  Viewpoint 4.5 All-In-One does the work of multiple tools, lowering both costs and resource needs for litigation support providers, law firms and corporate legal departments.  Featuring a familiar Outlook-style interface, the technology can execute pre-processing, processing, analysis, review and production at speeds two to five times that of other leading products.  Furthermore, it offers a full suite of early case assessment capabilities including complex analytics, email threading, visual conceptual analysis and near-duplicate comparisons and relationship analysis to keep pace with the needs of sophisticated requirements.

"At C2 Legal we're continually seeking new products and technologies that improve performance and reduce cost for our clients.  Lateral Data's Viewpoint, due to its unique all-in-one E-discovery capability, was a product we felt compelled to investigate," said Billy Eccleston, C2 Legal's Vice President of Digital Operations and Technology.  "We found that Viewpoint delivered exceptional speed and  excellent ease of use.  Those factors, plus its ability to streamline the entire EDRM process, made our adoption decision a very easy one."

"Lateral Data is pleased whenever a top-tier litigation support provider finds the Viewpoint Platform superior over a disparate solutions approach," stated Matt Berry, Lateral Data chief executive officer.  "C2 Legal prides itself on efficiency and value creation for its clients—a position we've worked very hard to achieve with Viewpoint.  We're pleased by C2 Legal's choice of Viewpoint as a primary service platform and look forward to the benefits our product will provide for C2 Legal's clients."

"The amount of digital information involved in a typical legal proceeding can exceed multiple terabytes.  It's critical for our clients to stay ahead of the discovery curve with innovative, easy to use and accurate solutions," added Rob Foil, President of C2 Legal.  "We believe Lateral Data's Viewpoint will help us stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry."

Viewpoint 4.5 is now available for licensing to service providers, corporate legal departments and law firms.  For more details on Viewpoint 4.5 or to schedule a demo, log on to or call (713) 592-8585.

About Lateral Data:

Lateral Data, LP is a software development and data processing company headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Founded in 2003, the company has focused its software development and services efforts in the E-discovery market; its flagship software application, Viewpoint™, covers the primary components of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, bringing end-to-end simplicity and affordability to service providers, corporate legal departments, law firms and OEMs.  Viewpoint is available stand-alone or for multi-tenant environments.  To learn more, visit

About C2 Legal:

C2 Legal is a full-service litigation support services firm headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations and employees in Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and New York.  Founded in 1996, C2 Legal focuses on providing leading edge solutions to assist corporate and outside counsel manage massive data collections usually associated with large commercial litigation matters.  To learn more, visit .

SOURCE Lateral Data, LP