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New Study Tool for Cosmetologists
Jul 16, 2010 (05:07 PM EDT)

Salon Prep Helps Prepare for State Cosmetology Exams

CLEARWATER, Fla., July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- RPA Solutions, LLC today formally announced the launch of Salon Prep ™, a revolutionary online cosmetology program designed to help students pass their required cosmetology state board examination.  Through its robust Learning Management System (LMS), Salon Prep delivers fully narrated study guides, over one thousand sample questions, and timed practice assessments for students who wish to pass their Virginia Cosmetology Exam, Florida Cosmetology Exam, California Cosmetology Exam, Ohio Cosmetology Exam and most other state exams.

Created by a team of experienced cosmetologists, Salon Prep leverages the latest technology to ensure the optimum learning environment for its customers.  Featuring a user-friendly web site, the program provides hundreds of application-based questions and multiple practice assessments that are available 24/7 so students can study at their own pace and whenever it's most convenient for them.

"Salon Prep was developed by a team of veteran cosmetologists who believe there should be a better study system for today's students," said Salon Prep lead developer Erika Irby.  "Our team developed a program that helps students learn by providing a format that aids both audio and visual learners through our fully narrated, interactive study guides.  The program also offers test taking tips and instant feedback on incorrect answers, all while seamlessly tracking student progress."

Salon Prep training begins with comprehensive study guides including full audio narration in five subject areas: skin care, hair care, nail care, scientific concepts, and ethics and standards.  Students preparing for their Rhode Island Cosmetology Exam, South Carolina Cosmetology Exam, Illinois Cosmetology Exam, New Jersey Cosmetology Exam, and most other board examinations are presented with hundreds of review questions covering all possible question types.  Practice questions include full remediation so students can learn from their mistakes and improve their skills.  To cap it off, learners have the chance to take timed simulation tests.

Simple, all-inclusive pricing for the Salon Prep program starts at only $49 and includes everything students need to pass their state's cosmetology test, and be one step closer to earning their license.  The system is so powerful that the company is offering an exclusive money-back guarantee for all customers.  It states that customers will pass their examinations on the first attempt or receive a full refund.*  This guarantee applies to all Salon Prep supported examinations including the Washington Cosmetology Exam, Texas Cosmetology Exam, Georgia Cosmetology Exam,  and Missouri Cosmetology Exam.

Salon Prep™

Headquartered in Clearwater, FL, Salon Prep is the premier e-learning solution for the various cosmetology state board exams such as the Pennsylvania Cosmetology Exam, Louisiana Cosmetology Exam, North Carolina Cosmetology Exam, Nevada Cosmetology Exam and more.  Visit for registration and more information.

*Salon Prep offers an exclusive money-back guarantee. See the Salon Prep web site for details.

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