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New Reputation Management Service Raises the Bar on Authentic Online Reputations - Helps Local Businesses Attract More Customers
Jul 16, 2010 (07:07 AM EDT)

JERSEY CITY, N.J., July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The best way to determine business credibility prior to purchase is through actual word-of-mouth customer referrals. But the proliferation of social media paired with the anonymity of the Internet has made it extremely easy for individuals and competitors to spread damaging accusations virally in mere seconds.

Over the years, Internet-based transactions have earned a solid reputation for safety and assurance primarily due to online rating and review systems like those offered on and With tightened pocketbooks, consumers are now demanding the same assurance and accountability from local businesses as they have grown to expect from web-based ecommerce shops. But unlike ecommerce transactions where a credit card authenticates individual customer reviews, local reviews are open to anyone with an email address and are, thus, prone to abuse. Businesses need to manage the authenticity and content of their online reputations, with reviews provided only by actual customers. Using Trust FX's patent-pending process, businesses pass a unique key to each customer at the time of sale or service delivery. The key is required to give feedback on Trust FX.

Andrew Ward, Chief Trust Officer of Trust FX (pronounced trust effects), is all too familiar with the challenges involved in researching business credibility and determining legitimacy of random web-based reviews. "The risk and cost associated with purchasing local services are typically much higher than online purchases. Therefore the need to protect the authenticity of individual reviews is much higher for that of local businesses," explains Mr. Ward. Responding to changing consumer demands, Mr. Ward runs a natural online reputation and public relations service that raises the bar on credibility and authenticity associated with online reputations. The site is designed to enable quality commerce by creating an environment that rewards businesses for satisfying their customers.

"Authentic customer feedback is a key component to both sales and public relations," Mr. Ward explains. "We're thrilled to deliver a powerful win-win solution to help foster trust among today's local businesses and customers."

For consumers, the service provides a means for value-added research, transparency and accountability. Customers are assured that the information and performance ratings they find on Trust FX were offered by actual paying customers. For business owners, Trust FX delivers a means for the proactive collection, management and promotion of testimonials in the authentic voice of their customers, attracting new high-value customers, converting more prospects into paying customers, competing on value in lieu of price and increasing same-customer sales.

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About Trust FX

Trust FX is a web-based natural online reputation and public relations service. The company enables quality commerce by creating an environment that rewards businesses for satisfying their customers. Customers unlock the ability to review a listed business once they receive that company's secure Trust FX key, offered at the point of sale or service delivery. Trust FX is privately held.


Andrew Ward, Chief Trust Officer

Trust FX


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