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Crowdsourcing Website Launches 'Fairer, Better' Crowdsourcing Model
Jul 15, 2010 (11:07 AM EDT) has today unveiled a refined design crowdsourcing process that it believes addresses the weaknesses in the crowdsourcing model

SYDNEY, July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Design crowdsourcing service DesignCrowd ( has launched an innovative, new design crowdsourcing model that addresses the flaws with the traditional crowdsourcing process through what it calls "Crowdsourcing 2.0" – crowdsourcing where multiple designers get paid.



DesignCrowd now allows customers with graphic design projects to handpick their favorite designers from around the world while keeping the project open to other designers.  Alec Lynch, CEO of DesignCrowd, says "customers can build a crack team of designers from around the world in just a few clicks." Designers invited to projects by customers receive allocated 'participation payments' (of up to $40) for working on projects but the project also remains open to all designers from around the world who may want to submit.  Designers then compete with each other and submit designs (normally more than 50) and the winning designer will receive anywhere from $200 to $2,500.  Lynch says "The ability to combine the open contest approach with hand-picked designers that all get paid helps address some of the weaknesses with traditional design crowdsourcing – inconsistent results and the need for all designers to bid for free.  The fairer payment structure attracts better designers and means designers do not have to carry all the risk or bid for free."  DesignCrowd has already experienced rapid take-up of its improved crowdsourcing model with over 100 invites being sent every day.

Lynch says DesignCrowd's new model is part of a broader evolution in crowdsourcing that he describes as 'Crowdsourcing 2.0'.  "Crowdsourcing doesn't have to be winner takes all.  We offer crowdsourcing where everyone can get paid.  This refinement of crowdsourcing is part of a broader progression in crowdsourcing where crowdsourcing companies are introducing tighter governance and control of the crowd to ensure consistent, quality results and a sustainable and fairer model." 

Yvonne Adele is a crowdsourcing thought leader and founder of overnight, crowdsourced brainstorming service Ideas While You Sleep ( Yvonne, who has recently begun submitting design projects through DesignCrowd, says "I was worried about running a design contest where the 'losing designers' do not get paid – but DesignCrowd is different to other design services I've tried: it allows you to invite specific designers to your project and allocate them small, guaranteed payments."  Yvonne is also planning to use DesignCrowd's white labeled design outsourcing service to offer a rebranded DesignCrowd service to her own clients.

DesignCrowd has also launched an expanded range of services to build on its core offering of logo design and web page design.  Businesses can now crowdsource packaging design, banner ad design, custom wordpress design, icon design and print design through DesignCrowd.  DesignCrowd also allows 'personal' design projects and can be used for tattoo design, personal logos and personal blog design.

DesignCrowd, who have been experiencing rapid growth since their launch in January 2008 and were late last year backed by a syndicate of angel investors, expects their new crowdsourcing model to attract even more clients and establish them as the "highest quality" design crowdsourcing service in the market.

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