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Deposit at the Desk: Skyline's DirectFED to be the Remote Deposit Capture Provider for
Jul 08, 2010 (06:07 PM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- announces Skyline's DirectFED as their official remote deposit capture provider.  Now, users can quickly scan paper checks and have them quickly deposited without the hassle of going to a bank.  The fusion will link the leading provider in online rent payments with the leading provider in remote deposit capture solutions, a collaboration that property managers can bank on.  

With online payments still at 25 percent, the majority of payments (75 percent) still rely on paper checks.  Skyline's DirectFED offers a streamlined system that allows businesses to effectively scan paper checks and have them directly processed by  Boundaries are broken, as managers can consolidate their banking and supervise their business with a few clicks of a mouse.

"No matter how popular online payments become, there will inevitably be a large percentage of paper checks coming in each month," says Kevin Eberly, CEO of  "In our efforts to continue to provide the best possible solution to our managers, it was inevitable that we partner with a remote deposit capture company to facilitate the paper check processing side of the business. Skyline's DirectFED was the obvious choice.  Their software is second to none and their emphasis on customer service and timely payment processing is directly in line with PayYourRent."

By partnering with Skyline's DirectFED, has once again made strides in aiding users in a more time efficient process when dealing with payments.  Not only are managers saving time by not having to run to the bank to deposit paper checks, but they are also saving money. users are now paying close to half of what their competitors are charged.

"Both and Skyline's DirectFED have the common goal of helping businesses to run smoothly and more efficiently," says CEO and founder of Skyline's DirectFED, Shai Stern.  "The partnership seemed inevitable.  We are so happy to provide an added option to users in an effort to complete their modernized approach to business management." users are finding the convenience afforded by the new addition of Skyline's DirectFED is freeing up time once spent juggling papers and deposit slips for more important matters.  The collaboration is one to deposit a streamlined outlook and a greater sense of competence for property managers nationwide.


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