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Licensed Real Estate Broker Commercial Property Services Launches VAB Compliance Watch for Florida Taxpayers Who Appeal Property Tax Assessments
Jul 08, 2010 (06:07 PM EDT)

OCALA, Fla., July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Important new protections for owners who appeal property taxes include State statutes, Department of Revenue Rules and Regulations, and Special Magistrate Training materials. It's all about fair and equitable taxation. So, do the 67 Florida Value Adjustment Boards (VAB) and all of their Special Magistrates comply with the many new State standards? Some, like Miami-Dade do comply.

But, many VABs are not following the governing laws. To alert VAB petitioners, Commercial Property Services launched VAB Compliance Watch at  

To be assured of fair Hearings, taxpayers should know if:

  • Clerks make sure Special Magistrates have complete, current copies of State laws, record all meetings with Special Magistrates, schedule sufficient time for hearings, comply with rescheduling rules, and use a random selection process to assign hearing officers.

  • VAB Attorneys advise Clerks, Special Magistrates, and Value Adjustment Board members "in a manner that will promote and maintain a high level of public trust and confidence in the administrative review process".

  • VAB Members or Magistrates comply with Sunshine requirements and follow VAB Training to ensure taxpayers receive what they pay for - lawful Hearings.

  • Florida Department of Revenue adequately supervises VABs and enforces compliance with state laws.

  • Governor, Florida Cabinet, and Auditor General use their resources so taxpayers' Due Process rights are protected.

VAB Compliance Watch does not reflect all Petitioners experiences, but does try to help property owners know which VABs are observed following the laws, or observations suggest there may be need for enforcement. Value Adjustment Boards are Florida's only affordable and objective remedy for real estate and tangible property taxpayers. Assessments are based on values for taxation purposes as of January 1st and use retroactive data. Notices of Assessments and VAB petition filing deadlines (strictly enforced) are mailed in August to each taxpayer of record. Hearings usually begin in the fall, continuing until all matters are concluded.

Commercial Property Services is a Florida licensed real estate broker, incorporated in 1992. CPS appeals property tax assessments statewide on the historic American principle that taxation must be "fair". We know the ropes, participated in drafting the State standards, and understand the VAB process and principles of assessment.

For additional information, contact Realtor Sheila Anderson at 305-372-9200, or 352-245-7441

SOURCE Commercial Property Services, Inc.