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Numerex Offers New Real-Time Vehicle Intelligence Services
Jul 08, 2010 (11:07 AM EDT)

ATLANTA, July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Numerex Corp (Nasdaq: NMRX), a leading single source provider of secure machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, today announced that it has extended the range of its telematics offerings to provide dynamic reporting and analysis based on up-to-the-minute driving data.  

These services will enable driver behavior-based applications through the use of proprietary technologies. Centered on real-time intelligence, they will aim at improving driver safety, providing attractive options to end users and generating operating efficiencies.

"Our decision to enable smart telematics solutions for the automotive market, from end-to-end, is a logical evolution that leverages what we have been successfully delivering throughout various industries," said Stratton J. Nicolaides, Chairman and CEO of Numerex.

This market is well positioned to benefit from Numerex's integrated approach that provides one secure, single point of contact and combines device, network and application with enabling services, branded Numerex DNA®.

"Our customers in this market will expect to see increases in customer satisfaction, productivity and revenue opportunities as they move from solutions transporting data to smart telematics solutions designed to deliver information," added Nicolaides.

Prior to the Insurance Telematics conference taking place on September 13-14, 2010 in Chicago, Numerex plans to announce additional developments with respect to its telematics services.

More on Numerex's perspective on the future of telematics can be found at: Numerex: Telematics is "an emerging and vital trend in the insurance market", Telematics Update, June 30, 2010.

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Numerex Corp (NASDAQ:NMRX) is the machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider to some of the world's largest organizations delivering secure, all-around solutions through a single source. The Company's M2M expertise enables its customers to efficiently, reliably, and securely monitor and manage assets remotely whenever and wherever needed, while simplifying and speeding up development and deployment. Numerex is the first M2M service provider in North America to carry the ISO 27001 information security certification. Numerex DNA® offerings include hardware Devices, Network services, and software Applications offered as individual components or as bundled services. At Numerex, "Machines Trust Us®". For additional information, please visit

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