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Envisage Launches SCORM-compliant Learning Management System for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies
Jun 29, 2010 (05:06 PM EDT)

New AcadisĀ® Readiness Suite module provides secure online training at low cost

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Envisage Technologies, a recognized leader in first-responder, law-enforcement, and military training modernization and automation, is announcing today the launch of a secure, Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-compliant learning management system (LMS). This new module, targeting high-risk training environments, has been added to Envisage's industry leading Acadis® Readiness Suite.

The new Acadis LMS module provides a low-cost delivery vehicle for online, post-basic training courses via the internet and supports a fully blended training approach.  In contrast to stand-alone LMS platforms, Acadis LMS augments residential and skills-based training management, aggregating all dimensions of lifelong learning into legally defensible training records.

Designed for ease of use, the Acadis LMS includes the following core functions:

  • Upload and deliver SCORM-compliant course content to students via the Acadis Portal Framework
  • Define and manage online course information
  • Register for published coursework online
  • Deliver online courses and embedded tests
  • Record course completion and test scores automatically

Online coursework is delivered through the secure Acadis Portal, developed to meet stringent Departments of Homeland Security and Defense security requirements.

"Our public safety, law enforcement and military communities have been underserved by existing approaches to eLearning delivery.  Traditional LMS products are costly and were designed to deliver corporate eLearning and talent management," said Ari Vidali, CEO of Envisage Technologies. "By focusing on the specific needs of law enforcement, public safety and the military, the Acadis LMS is designed around the security needs of high-risk training environments and delivers eLearning at a lower per-student cost than commercial Learning Management Systems."

The Acadis LMS is tailored to deliver what security conscious agencies have said they actually need to effectively deliver eLearning. Excluded are problematic features like social networking, which significantly increase cyber-security risks.  For agencies working under budget constraints, the Acadis LMS provides an optimal solution to realize the many benefits and cost savings of eLearning.

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