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Globalization Executive Offers Goodwill Through Commerce
May 28, 2010 (02:05 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- As a Jewish businessman visiting the war-torn nation of Palestine, David Ross was uneasy as his two Israeli guides steered off the dusty road and exited the vehicle. Trying to appear unflustered, Ross followed and was astonished to see the reason for their excitement. The guides pointed to a stream of Israeli-controlled water running alongside the road; it symbolized their hope for independence. Ross recalls, "They believe that a brighter future is on the horizon. I realized how this seemingly insignificant water source gave them a reason to be hopeful for what lies ahead. It was incredibly humbling—I vowed to offer not just worldwide commerce, but a reason to anticipate the future."

David Ross—president of David L. Ross and Associates—traveled to Palestine to meet with CEOs of tech companies to facilitate trade between Israelis, Europeans and Americans. "The idea was that trade increases jobs, which take young men off the street," said Ross. "That meant, hopefully, less terrorism."

Years later in New York City, Ross continues to "bridge the cultural divide" through his volunteer work where he teaches English to immigrants and helps relocated workers find jobs in their chosen field. His students learn networking, resume-writing and interviewing skills. "Students often approach me and say that because of my class, they found a job doing something they love," said Ross. "It's very rewarding."

Ross used his global commerce knowledge to create a diamond-buying book and purchasing system, The Engagement Ring Secrets. After traveling to South Africa to better-understand the diamond chain, Ross' system helps men pay less for the perfect engagement ring. "A woman fantasizes her whole life about her fairy-tale wedding, complete with 'white knight,' gorgeous dress and exquisite ring," said Ross. "For men, those high expectations and a tight budget can be overwhelming."

The Engagement Ring Secrets also has an online membership site that provides easy-to-use tips to negotiate substantial savings on diamonds. It includes worksheets, databases and advice to help men save up to 90% on their diamond purchase. With his negotiating package, members can even hire Ross to negotiate on their behalf. David Ross guarantees that if members follow his guidelines but still pay less than 20% below the retail price for their ring, he will refund their entire purchase.

SOURCE David Ross