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Gekko Launches save@gekko, to Help Travellers Drastically Reduce Research Time
May 26, 2010 (01:05 PM EDT)

Service Will Help Users Collect Online Travel Snippets, in Order to Compare & Choose the Right Hotel at the Best Available Price

LONDON, May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Gekko, the personal shopping assistant for hotels, which recommends ideal matches for each individual's preferences, has launched a new service designed to dramatically reduce the amount of time that travellers spend researching hotels, from the current estimated average of 30 sites visited over a one month period (*), to a single shortlist and as little as a single session.

Much as a web-based version of a little black book, save@gekko allows travellers to collect travel-based links, information and destinations whilst browsing the web, in order to make a direct hotel comparison and help the user find the right hotel at the best available price.

The service works by emailing links and travel information to, resulting in the simplest possible means of collecting information, whether at a desk or on the move. A web bookmark tool  – known as a bookmarklet – also helps to capture relevant information by sending an email with a single click from any web page.

Gekko stores all collected information in a single profile, which is thereafter used as the basis for suggesting highly personalised recommendations for future hotel bookings.

Like a personal travel assistant, the service is designed to be used during normal browsing of the internet by helping to capture information on a day-to-day basis, is ideal for travellers looking to find a hotel to their personal tastes, whether it's in a city that they have not previously visited, or indeed a new hotel in a city that they love.

Whether it is specific facilities – such as a pool, spa, childcare or business centre – dining preferences, cost, or simply an attempt to capture the spirit of a specific hotel elsewhere, using save@gekko allows individuals to save hotels from different websites into one shortlist, helping to save time by instantly comparing them side-by-side and to save money by comparing the price of each from major global travel sites.

Through building a continually evolving picture that will provide the most relevant travel choices during research save@gekko will enable travellers to make the right choice more quickly.  Moreover, save@gekko will assure travellers that they have avoided making the wrong choice, which is typically the cause of extensive ongoing research, given the risk associated with booking the wrong hotel.

For more information, please visit, download the bookmarklet or simply start emailing your travel favourites to

(*) Source – Google research

About Gekko

Gekko has streamlined the typically cumbersome and lengthy process of finding and booking the right hotel for any situation, significantly reducing research time, yet delivering consistently relevant, personalised results that are based closely on each user's own preferences, priorities and previous experiences.

Following the launch of Gekko in November 2009, save@gekko is one of many innovative tools it is launching to offer users personal shopping assistance.

In April 2010, Gekko was shortlisted for Innovate!100, an exclusive list of the world's most promising startups as judged by a panel of experts from the investment and entrepreneurial community. Gekko partners with, Expedia and TripAdvisor amongst others.

Founded by Dutch internet entrepreneur Dino van Es, who remains on the board of the business, Gekko is led by a heavyweight team of seasoned internet technology and business professionals: Michel Cassius, CEO, Romain Eude, CTO and Rodrigo Dauster, Chief Product Officer. The company received early stage private funding via a consortium led by Velocity Capital B.V..


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