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Reportlinker Adds Software development in the product lifecycle
May 27, 2010 (12:05 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Software development in the product lifecycle

Software is changing the nature of engineered products. The level of software content in engineered products has grown to the point that software is defining the product, its performance characteristics, and its product issues. Embedded software is also increasing the complexity of engineered products as formerly straightforward mechanical systems are transformed into networked systems containing numerous interdependencies. The application lifecycle for embedded software has morphed from isolated to intrinsic activity, which has become a first-class citizen alongside the mechanical and electrical disciplines that comprise product engineering. As embedded software-based control has grown ubiquitous and interdependent, software designers have had to adopt the same "system of systems" design disciplines that their mechanical and electrical engineering counterparts have long practiced. In turn, product companies are facing the need to improve their management of application lifecycles.

As the product lifecycle has become the intersection for software development, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing, it has created a new battleground between ALM, PLM, and ERP vendors for the prize of managing the product lifecycle. There is no single formula for how people, processes, and technologies will interact in the new product lifecycle; the solutions will vary by industry sector.



Ovum view

Key messages

Research Scope


Embedded software is becoming ubiquitous

Growth of embedded software content is transforming software engineering

Case study: global automaker – powertrain controls


Every industry is different

Product parameters drive the product lifecycle

Physical size

Design complexity

Safety criticality

Supply chain

Overall product lead time

Product lifespan


The cast of characters is wider than for enterprise software

The definition of customer is different

Product engineering roles are changing

Case study: software engineering group takes initiative for smart handset provider

The process

Collaboration and relationship management become essential

Software product line engineering discipline

SPL case study: computer printer manufacturer


There is plenty of competition for managing software in the product lifecycle

Before: all (product) roads led to BOM

Product lifecycle management changes how products are defined

The future of product lifecycle integration is RESTful services

ALM vendors

IBM Rational


Point tool vendors

PLM vendors

Enterprise application vendors

PPM vendors


Recommendations for enterprises

Recommendations for suppliers


Further reading


List of Tables

Table 1: Production characteristics for major durable goods sectors

Table 2: Players involved in conventional and embedded software lifecycle

List of Figures

Figure 1: Embedded software program size and deployment volume

Figure 2: Engineering change activity for mobile handset products

Figure 3: Traditional view of product definition

Figure 4: Evolving view of product definition

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