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CameraRenter Launches Interactive Online Photo Sharing Service
May 25, 2010 (12:05 PM EDT)

Seattle Photography Start-up Changes Online Photo Sharing For Consumers

SEATTLE, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- CameraRenter, a Seattle startup, announced today the launch of the first interactive online photo sharing service, giving consumers the power to eliminate the costly and time consuming aspects of professional photographers. Instead of the traditional professional photography methods, CameraRenter ships out a box containing everything needed to capture and share any event at the same cost as disposable cameras and at about a tenth of the cost of a professional photographer.

"Capturing those unforgettable moments at an important event is almost impossible," said Jonathan Bailor, Co-founder of CameraRenter.  "We all have digital cameras, but more often than not, consumers don't share the experiences they have because it's too costly and takes more time than it's worth. We realized that sharing photos online could be made easy and fun if people were given the option of letting CameraRenter digitize their memories."

How CameraRenter works:

  1. The camera package arrives from CameraRenter. The party gives the digital cameras to their closest friends and family so that they capture the entire event.
  2. Just stick the cameras back in the prepaid mailing case they came in, and CameraRenter takes care of everything else.
  3. One week after CameraRenter gets the digital cameras they'll have the personalized photo and video sharing website produced.

Each of the digital cameras takes over 200 high-quality pictures, over 10 minutes of video, comes with back-up batteries and has simple instructions attached. Unlike traditional online photography options that force consumers to do all the work, CameraRenter users get a documentary of the entire event,  captured by the most important people in their lives.

About CameraRenter

CameraRenter was founded by Michael Cartwright and Jonathan Bailor to provide a more reliable, modern, affordable and eco-friendly solution other than using professional photographers at weddings and other major life events.  The company has unlocked the challenging market of photo sharing, DIY photography and Web 2.0 interactive features.  CameraRenter provides consumers with an easy, affordable, seamless turnkey alternative to stressful photographers and low quality disposable cameras. CameraRenter is based in Seattle with shipping offices in Southern California. For more information, please visit

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