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ParetoLogic's Newest Product PC Health Advisor Joins RevenueWire
May 20, 2010 (11:05 AM EDT)

All-In-One PC Performance Software Optimizes The User's PC Speed With Maximum Ease and Effectiveness.

VICTORIA, British Columbia, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- ParetoLogic's powerful new PC health and optimization program has joined the RevenueWire network. PC Health Advisor takes care of all the user's PC performance issues in a single place. This powerful program deep scans to optimize memory use, cleans the Windows Registry, and finds and removes temporary, duplicate and unneeded files. PC Health Advisor also cleans the cache and browser History to protect the user's privacy and boost Internet browsing speed.

Key Product Features:

*Kills active malware processes

*Optimizes PC memory

*Gets faster start-ups by managing Startup items

*Boosts speed by customizing Windows settings

*Saves valuable disk space by deleting temporary duplicate and junk files

*Protects privacy and performance by clearing out Internet History and cache

*Improves performance and stops errors by cleaning the Windows Registry

As of today, this product is LIVE on the RevenueWire network and member affiliates will earn 75% commission per sale.

"ParetoLogic is known for its high-quality digital products, and PC Health Advisor is the latest evolution of that skill and expertise. It allows consumers to find all the PC optimization functionality they need in one single application. Demand will be high for this type of all-in-one functionality, and affiliates should grab the opportunity to be first in line promoting it," said Bobbi Leach, RevenueWire's General Manager, regarding the new product addition.

Elton Pereira, President, Co-founder, and CEO of ParetoLogic, commented on PC Health Advisor, "The most exciting thing about this new product is that it brings together the power and functionality of several different PC Health and performance tools into one easy-to-use program. We're confident this will make our customers' PC experience much easier and more enjoyable, while saving them money at the same time."

About ParetoLogic Ltd.

In 2004 four brothers recognized that modern computer users needn't rely on computer repair technicians to maintain their own PC's. Knowing that sophisticated technology married with a truly user-friendly interface would empower people to secure and optimize their own computers, the brothers researched the marketplace to define and develop the software products that would most benefit today's computer user.

ParetoLogic now employs 125 professionals to help them research, develop, and market software applications that will enable people to secure and enhance their computing experience. Available in 208 countries around the world, ParetoLogic has established partnerships on a global scale to ensure that its products are available to all computer users, regardless of location, language, or computing experience.

Attention to the needs of the consumer coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional software applications and resource-rich websites guarantee that our products will exceed your expectations.


Kai Davis, Marketing Coordinator

ParetoLogic Inc.

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