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Australia's FetchTV Selects Envivio to Deliver IPTV Offering
May 18, 2010 (05:05 PM EDT)

Envivio Three Screen Flexibility and Excellent Video Quality Enable Innovator to Provide ISPs and Their Broadband Subscribers with a Compelling Alternative to Traditional Digital TV

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Envivio Inc. today announced that FetchTV has selected Envivio's Three Screens solution as the delivery platform for its subscription TV offering. The FetchTV service employs Envivio 4Caster™ C4(2) video encoders, featuring Extreme™ codec technology, to deliver visually stunning standard and high definition content over capacity restricted broadband networks without degradation. The 4Caster C4(2) allows FetchTV to create a high quality alternative to incumbent services that can be delivered by Australian ISPs over consumers' existing broadband connections. The systems have been deployed at two head-ends located in Melbourne and Sydney.

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FetchTV CEO Scott Lorson said, "FetchTV is about delivering broadcast quality TV content to viewers via ISP partners' broadband connections. Our service is far removed from grainy, low resolution images of traditional IPTV suppliers — we're a broadcaster providing subscribers with a premium viewing experience.  Envivio's delivery platform allows us to ensure a high quality of service for standard and high-definition broadcasts over a multicast broadband network."

"The vision behind the creation of Envivio Three Screens solutions has always been to encourage innovative services and business models such as FetchTV," said Envivio CEO Julien Signes. "By maximizing the quality of experience that can be delivered over IP networks and removing the constraints ordinarily imposed by bandwidth limitations, we provide tremendous flexibility for creating compelling new ways of reaching consumers and affording unprecedented choices."

The Envivio IPTV head-end on which the FetchTV service is built is an all IP-based solution, which simplifies integration and routing while enabling easy scalability. This provides FetchTV with the flexibility to add channels as needed, and the potential to move into mobile and web based formats if required. The head-end includes the Envivio 4Stream™ IP gateway, which ingests content from satellite, cable and terrestrial networks and feeds it directly to Envivio 4Caster C4(2) systems for encoding/transcoding. 4Caster systems directly transcode MPEG-2 and H.264 input, eliminating the need for costly ingest equipment such as IRDs for satellite sources and video matrices for signal routing. The Envivio Extreme compression codec enables the delivery of top quality video at the very low bitrates required for IPTV, including HD video at only 4 Mbps. The 4Caster C4(2) can be configured to deliver streams for any consumer screen including IPTV, Mobile TV and Internet TV.

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About Envivio

Envivio makes the world's video content universally enjoyable by all viewers, on any device, across any network, at any time. Now in its second decade as a respected leader in the development of video convergence solutions, Envivio has amassed dozens of patents, pioneered video-over-IP methods, and continually led with support for emerging technology. Today Envivio solutions deliver millions of content streams to hundreds of different styles of mobile phones, set top boxes, and PC platforms, on behalf of content owners, telecom operators, cable and satellite companies and mobile service providers in every market in the world. Deployment and support are backed by a global staff that is familiar with local technical, regulatory and market guidelines encountered around the world. Envivio is headquartered in South San Francisco, California and has offices in Rennes, France; New York, New York; London, England; Beijing, China; Singapore and Tokyo, Japan.

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About FetchTV

FetchTV is an Australian founded and owned business, with backing from the Malaysian based ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS subscription TV group. FetchTV is a wholesale subscription TV provider to leading Australian ISPs. The FetchTV service is unique in that it provides access to digital free-to-air channels, subscription channels, video on-demand and interactive content via an unmetered broadband connection, to the TV in SD and HD quality, instantly with no downloading delays.

FetchTV Australia is not affiliated with Fetch TV UK of the same name. The technology deployed and business model are substantively different.

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