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New Online Moving Insurance Program Launched
May 17, 2010 (04:05 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- XN Financial Services Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with Capacity Coverage of New Jersey, Inc. to introduce the Online Moving and Storage Insurance program The new moving insurance program combines Capacity's expertise in the moving and storage industry with XN Financial's® online state-of-the-art technology.

The Online Moving and Storage Insurance programs streamlines the process of getting moving insurance for consumers' property during a move or while it is in a storage facility.  The website is user friendly and gives consumers full control of a secure online purchasing experience.

"The new program provides a turnkey solution, provides coverage worldwide, and provides a simple yet efficient moving and storage insurance program for domestic and international  household transfers," said XN Financial® President and CEO, Daniel Anber.  "We are delighted that by launching we will deliver optimized moving and storage solutions more efficiently when people who are relocating need it most."

"Getting comprehensive, affordable moving coverage has always been an expensive challenge, and it is even more difficult in this economy," said Capacity's moving and storage insurance specialist Lou Hefter. "In addition to the competitive premiums, the online technology for provides a simple application and purchase process.  Since our program is global, we can provide you with protection if you are moving around the block or around the world."

Hefter suggests these moving insurance tips to consumers:

Many consumers believe that their homeowner's insurance covers their move, but it often does not.  It is very important that you check with your homeowner's carrier.  The Moving and Storage Insurance Program is designed to provide coverage from the time the movers arrive at the home you are moving from until they get you to your final destination.  

Many moving insurance companies provide coverage that may not equal your replacement costs. provides coverage for 100% of the declared value of your property.  Deductibles also vary - the program offers deductibles from $0 to $1,500 depending on your preferences and budget.

In addition, most moving insurance companies only work with a limited group of movers.  The program allows consumers to purchase coverage regardless of what moving company they decide to use.

If you leave your home vacant, your homeowner's policy may no longer provide property or liability coverage.  The Vacant Homeowners Insurance program provides insurance coverage for vacant dwellings located anywhere in the world.

If you are moving around the world and need to purchase Belongings and Liability insurance in a foreign country, is available anywhere in the world, and provides gap free property and liability insurance coverage during your stay abroad, whether that is temporary or permanent.    

XN Financial® ( is a leading provider of insurance and financial products.  Capacity Coverage ( is ranked the 48th largest insurance broker in the US.  

SOURCE XN Financial Services Inc.