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Elsys Instruments Continues Global Expansion with Establishment of North American Headquarters
May 11, 2010 (06:05 PM EDT)

MONROE, N.Y., May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Elsys Instruments, a leading manufacturer of custom and standard fast, high-precision data acquisition systems, has announced that, in support of its global expansion, it has established North American headquarters in Monroe, NY. The office will be headed by industry veteran Klaas Vogel, who has worked with such leading data acquisition companies as Acqiris (now part of Agilent Technologies) and LeCroy Corporation.  

The new location enables users in the United States and Canada to more easily access and integrate Elsys' high precision data acquisition equipment that incorporates extremely high precision of plus or minus < 0.1% (plus or minus 0.03% typical after calibration) on range and off-set, a feature unique to this industry. Other elements of Elsys products include LAN connectivity for easy interfacing and remote control from any computer, real-time data acquisition over long time periods and dead-time-less sequential event recording.

With more than 30 years of building highly-reliable, accurate and fast data acquisition systems, Elsys has established an international clientele that includes some of world's leading corporations such as Rockwell Automation, Bombardier, Bosch, BMW and Volkswagen as well as leading research institutions, including the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by the University of California, and Switzerland's renowned Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.

Founder and CEO Kurt Leutwyler noted, "Since our inception, Elsys has concentrated on providing the best data acquisition solutions to our customers, regardless of their physical location.  The research and development engineers on our team enable the successful integration of our equipment into various application sites -- from Europe to Australia.  Bringing this experience and knowledge to North America is a natural progression that enables us to respond more easily to our growing customer base."

Elsys products include data recorders and digitizers as well as transient recorders and supporting data acquisition software.  The core specification range covered by the company's products spans sampling rates from 2 MS/s to 240 MS/s at 14- and 16-bit resolution with both single-ended and differential input stages.  

Supporting the North American headquarters are additional sales locations in Warwick, NY, Albuquerque, NM and Montreal, Canada.  

For additional information, visit or contact Klaas Vogel, Elsys Instruments, 234 Cromwell Hill Road, Monroe, NY 10950; email:; phone: 845-238-3933.

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EDITORS NOTE:  Since 1980, Elsys Instruments has developed and manufactured highly precise and high resolution data acquisition equipment that focuses on fast sampling rates.  With instruments providing high precision at plus or minus < 0.1% or better, on range and off-set as well as LAN connectivity and long-term real-time data acquisition, Elsys is sought out by its customers in fields as diverse as the automotive and chemical industries, production test, power plants, calibration laboratories, universities and research laboratories.  

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