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FlashFoto, Inc. Releases Yearbook Auto-positioner - New Image Processing Library Automatically Positions and Auto-flows Student Photos Into Yearbooks.
May 06, 2010 (05:05 PM EDT)

OAKLAND, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- FlashFoto, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the Yearbook Auto-positioner software library. Yearbook Auto-positioner completely automates the arduous task of placing and positioning thousands of student portraits.

The process of placing thousands of portrait images onto pages is one of the most tedious tasks associated with creating a school yearbook. But due to the variety of student poses and the potential for unusual hairstyles, automating the process of placing these images has been error-prone. Important parts of the image were likely to be cropped out of a photo, an unacceptable result. FlashFoto's Yearbook Auto-positioner solves this problem by detecting not only the position of the face, but also body and limb regions as well as hair region, irrespective of hairstyle. This enables very accurate placement of an image without the risk of any important part of the person being cropped out. Yearbook Auto-positioner can also be used to automatically center students on photo gifts like mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Manually placing images into a yearbook is a task that can take students several days to complete. By automating the process, this task can be shortened from days to minutes while delivering consistent and accurate results, leaving the students free to focus on the more creative, educational processes of yearbook creation.

FlashFoto's Yearbook Auto-positioner technology also includes a built in confidence scoring system. Any image that the system believes might be at risk of being out of position will automatically be flagged for manual inspection and possible intervention. This system guarantees that images with poor positioning will not inadvertently slip through the quality control process.

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