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VOCEL Launches The Pill Phone App for iPhone
May 05, 2010 (04:05 PM EDT)

SAN DIEGO, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- VOCEL announced the launch of The Pill Phone App which has received FDA 510(k) clearance for iPhone.

The Pill Phone App allows people to create a list of their prescription medications and schedule personalized reminders when to take each dose. The Pill Phone App uses push notification on iPhone to display medication reminders, showing the patient a picture of each pill to be taken to reduce medication administration errors. Upon seeing the reminder sent as a push alert to iPhone, the patient indicates the medication has been taken or can select, "Snooze" whereupon the reminder is re-sent 30 minutes later. All medication reminders and responses are available as a Medication Administration Record (MAR) on for review by family members or caregivers within their health network. An alert can be set up so that if a person misses a dose, a member of the family can be sent an SMS or email.

"With the rising cost of healthcare," said Carl Washburn, CEO of VOCEL, "The Pill Phone App provides an effective medication management solution, helping people better manage their meds on the go and improving health literacy."

The mobile version of the best-selling medication reference guide, "The Pill Book," The Pill Phone App's Pill Lookup feature provides consumers easy access to critical information on more than 1,800 medications and prescription drugs that are commonly prescribed by physicians, including indications, dosing, side effects, drug interactions, photos of medications, and more.

The Pill Phone App is now available in the US for $1.99 from the App Store or at


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