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Revolutionary Enterprise Search Engine Developed
Apr 25, 2010 (06:04 AM EDT)

DUBLIN, April 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --

- InfinityV3 Honoured by US Analysts Gartner as Innovative, Impactful and Intriguing

Software company Columba Global Systems has received a globally recognised accolade after developing a revolutionary enterprise search engine which influential US analysts Gartner have singled out as being significantly different.

Columba, a leading provider of intelligent search and fuse technology for organisations and enterprises, today announced that it has been listed among "Cool Vendors in Master Data Management, 2010" by Gartner.

The prestigious report acknowledges that the InfinityV3 platform specialises in intelligent data fusion, and can search, retrieve and fuse multiple data sources from within the enterprise and across the web, including hidden web and archived files.

Each year, Gartner Inc. spotlights strategic technologies and trends that have the potential for significant impact on the IT landscape in the next three years and that enable users to "do things they couldn't do before". This year, only three such awards were made in Columba's category.

InfinityV3 accesses data sources across an entire enterprise and the web, as well performing deep analytics into archived pages and login-protected hidden web pages. The resultant composite "golden record" produces a single-view comprising multi-format files including audio-visual material, real-time and archived radio and TV news, blogs, podcasts, news-feeds, digital telephony, emails, intranets, web searches and graphic images. InfinityV3 also returns this "golden record" addressing 13 languages using four different alphabets.

Norm Hosken, CEO of Columba Global Systems, said the esteemed report was an affirmation of InfinityV3's eminent position in what Columba calls "intelligent data fusion".

"Gartner's accolade acknowledges that our product has significant impact in multi-entity master data management and more," Mr Hosken said.

InfinityV3's main target market to date has been in homeland security, law enforcement and intelligence however there is now growing interest in other public sector social and healthcare applications and more recently, private sector financial services and telecommunications industry "single customer views" solutions.

Gartner Inc.'s report hailed the Columba's solution's ability to establish relevance of data in the composite by employing "non-exact" or "fuzzy" matching across its intelligent search and retrieve actions, allowing InfinityV3 to retrieve misspelled or erroneously labelled data relevant to the original search, which is not ordinarily found.

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