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Trade Show Lead Acquisition System From NewLeads, Inc. Uses Business Intelligence to Increase Lead Accuracy by 30%
Apr 23, 2010 (02:04 PM EDT)

VENTURA, Calif., April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- NewLeads, Inc has added a business intelligence feature to its trade show inquiry acquisition system which founder John Hasbrouck says will increase database accuracy on the show floor by 30% or more.  "Research has shown," Hasbrouck says, "that typically 30% of the show floor badges scanned have inaccurate information.  This inaccuracy can often defeat or deter speedy lead fulfillment.  Now, when companies rent NewLeads' lead acquisition system for badge scanning, users have an intelligent database which compares the name scanned with each preloaded record to reveal the most accurate information."

Sales Reps Alerted to VIPs

NewLeads declares that there are many other benefits to having an intelligent database comparison when badges are scanned.  For instance, NewLeads COO Karl Becker says, "Ninety-eight percent of all exhibitors rent a system from a vendor like us.  Customers who rent the NewLeads show floor system can compare the name on the visitor badge to customer databases, VIP, direct mail, association and prospect lists.  Having a name flagged as a customer or VIP is important to the sales representative, who now looks at the prospect in a different manner."  Becker says that the conversation is likely to change because the prospect is now identified as "friendly" or someone who already has a certain level of understanding about the product or service.

NewLeads developed this system of business intelligence retrieval and flagging while working with pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  These companies want to quickly identify doctors, and possibly even their prescribing patterns, while they're still in the booth.  Doctors commonly have multiple addresses (clinics, offices, hospitals, and universities) and it helps to know which office is best for post-show follow-up.

Darren Holland, NewLeads marketing manager, is excited about the multi-use nature of the intelligent show database for marketing and salespeople.  He says, "Being able to correct contact information on the spot is helpful, but it goes beyond that.  One medical device company loaded 150 VIP names into the system.  When one of the dozen show floor lead acquisition systems they were using flagged a VIP record, the salesperson handed a special badge to the doctor, allowing access to a closed-door event for VIP customers only.  The event was a huge success."  

Holland continues, "We have also used the preloaded intelligent show floor databases to flag records for booth games or rewards events, which increases excitement on the show floor.  It also holds visitors in the booth longer, for more friendly conversations.  

About NewLeads, Inc.

NewLeads recently celebrated its best year ever, offering trade show exhibitors a better solution to acquire and qualify trade show leads and to facilitate the exchange of information into clients' CRM systems and the active sales cycle.

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