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SwamiCity Introduces Free iPhone Travel App Series
Apr 21, 2010 (04:04 PM EDT)

iPhone Apps deliver mobile convenience through 30 channels spanning attractions, restaurants, flight tracking, transit maps, news & shopping

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- SwamiCity unveils the first free iPhone applications in a comprehensive iPhone travel app series covering major cities in the US and abroad. SwamiCity is the first free travel app series to combine the features of 30 individual apps in one easy-to-use interface. This unique application fills the gap between tourists and residents by providing multiple areas of interest, including:

  • Events
  • Flights
  • Weather
  • News
  • Attractions
  • Hotels
  • Shopping
  • Clubs
  • Tours
  • Theatre
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Performing arts
  • Movies
  • Dining
  • Wi-Fi hotspots

SwamiCity has released 8 travel apps to date, covering the metro areas of: New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, San Diego and San Francisco. Major cities coming soon include: Las Vegas, Hawaiian Islands, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans and others.

With the tremendous growth of iPhones and the new Apple iPad, travel applications are changing the way individuals interact with their environments, from new places to familiar spots down the road.

SwamiCity offers more than a traditional guidebook application by providing real-time travel information, including subway maps, traffic and weather, and flight status information. Area residents can follow local and international news sources through the news channel, and tourists and residents benefit from listings including local farmers markets and industry-specific channels featuring sample sales and eco-friendly businesses.

With SwamiCity users can read restaurant reviews and easily access Twitter to tweet their favorite travel photos in the same app. The combined functionality makes for a perfect travel companion—use the iPhone GPS and interactive maps with street view to quickly find the nearest restaurant, club, pub, or show; then check the subway map, call a cab or view traffic conditions. Users can quickly search for items by location, title, or category, and save any item to a favorite list for easy access later. Or let the Swami decide, and the app will choose from your saved favorites.

The applications can be downloaded for free in iTunes App Store: More information about the latest releases can be found on

About SwamiCity

SwamiCity is the brainchild of Jonathan Bassan, an expert in the travel and hospitality fields. SwamiCity's mission is to develop a network of city-based applications and websites for the iPhone and other mobile platforms. Based in California with a broad network spanning the United States, SwamiCity's strong focus on community and user-generated content from both residents and visitors allows them to keep pace with vibrant cities and provide the most relevant, continuously updated information for people on the go.

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