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eWayDirect Senior Director of Account Management Bob Cloutier in Upcoming Chatter Marketing Thought Leadership Series
Apr 16, 2010 (05:04 PM EDT)

Using Activity to Optimize Your Email Strategy featured in episode 9 of Chatter Marketing: Tuesdays at Two to air on April 20th, 2010.

SOUTHPORT, Conn., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- eWayDirect's Chatter Marketing: Tuesdays at Two thought leadership series continues at 2pm on April 20th with eWayDirect's Senior Director of Account Management Bob Cloutier discussing email marketing with series host Jeannette Cezanne in an episode titled Using Activity to Optimize Your Email Strategy. eWayDirect is best known for its industry-leading integrated emarketing platform, Direct|Connect 4.0.

The episode will expand on email marketing as an effective emarketing channel. The discussion will emphasize the importance of "quality" over "quantity" within your email database and within your overall email marketing strategy.

Chatter Marketing: Tuesdays at Two is a free weekly 10-minute thought leadership series that promises participants "something you can do in the next five minutes to improve your emarketing efforts," says Cezanne. "Everyone can find something to use, immediately and practically. But I also try to not take myself or my guests too seriously: you'll find a laugh or two as well."

Past episodes have featured tips on social media marketing, SEO marketing, and PPC marketing. Chatter Marketing: Tuesdays at Two joins eWayDirect's blog in bringing the latest in thought leadership to the emarketing community.

Direct|Connect 4.0, the only platform on the market that integrates email marketing, viral marketing, desktop delivery, website reengagement, and social media in a single solution. The platform is changing the way marketers interact with prospects and customers online.

About the company:

eWayDirect, Inc., is an integrated emarketing company offeringDirect|Connect 4.0, a single integrated platform that combines world-class email marketing, website reengagement, viral marketing, social networks, and desktop delivery with the ability to utilize all facets in an integrated strategy, connecting email with social communities and social media with search marketing and direct mail capabilities. Learn more about eWayDirect at or call 203-254-0404 to schedule a demo today!

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