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American Auto-Matrix Introduces their NB-GPC Product Family Version 2.0
Apr 08, 2010 (04:04 PM EDT)

EXPORT, Pa., April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- American Auto-Matrix introduced today their NB-GPC Version 2.0 firmware upgrade for the NB-GPC Product Family. This upgrade adds powerful new capabilities reducing and/or eliminating the vast amounts of line-by-line SPL programming and allows NB-GPC controllers to be commissioned off site via the Internet, allowing for greater flexibility and control.

The NB-GPC product line is listed with BACnet International as a conforming BACnet Advanced Applications Controller.  The NB-GPC devices support the 2004 revision of BACnet standard, and is also listed in the BACnet International Product Catalog. To date AAM now has over 30 BTL listed BACnet products. The procurement of the BTL mark builds more confidence in American Auto-Matrix's capability to provide interoperable solutions to the HVAC marketplace.

The BTL mark is a symbol that represents a high quality BACnet product. Having the BTL mark indicates that products have passed a series of tests conducted by the BACnet Testing Laboratory and confirms that controllers implement the BACnet features stated in the listing. In the industry today it is more common for building owners to seek out products that have been BTL listed. In addition, an increasing number of specifications require products that conform to the standard.

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SOURCE American Auto-Matrix