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ASCII Technology Holdings Announces Plan to Launch First Vertical Search Platform for the IT Industry
Mar 29, 2010 (04:03 PM EDT)

BETHESDA, Md., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- ASCII Technology Holdings, Inc., corporate parent of The ASCII Group, Inc. (ASCII), the nation's oldest and most established community of independent computer integrators and solution providers, has announced the launch of IT Locator (  IT Locator is the first independent, industry created neutral search platform of its kind.  IT Locator allows all types of users of technology to quickly and easily find their local computer solution providers through automated, targeted searches using Geo IP based location technology.

To manage the day to day operations of IT Locator, Alan D. Weinberger, its founder and Chairman and CEO of ASCII, has named IT industry veteran Stephen G. Veith as President of ASCII's sister company, TechnologyNet, Inc., which owns IT Locator.  Veith has spent the past 30 years in different areas of information technology, from his early days as an end user and a reseller, to the past 20 years as a senior IT media executive at CMP Media and Ziff Davis Media.  Veith stated, "It's been my experience when leading start ups in the past that there is always a bit of uncertainty surrounding the introduction of any new venture.  This uncertainty is heightened that much more when breaking entirely new ground, as we are in the case of IT Locator.  It is my belief, though, that we have a 'can't miss' proposition on our hands based on direct feedback from hundreds of solution providers, all of whom have listed on the IT Locator already."    

IT Locator's innovative approach to vertical search also enables IT Locator to broaden its unique value proposition to the IT industry in other critically important ways.  In addition to connecting buyers with local sellers digitally, IT Locator also provides newfound value to distributors and vendors.  By establishing and institutionalizing an industry standard channel, IT Locator accelerates the movement of products, solutions and services throughout the entire IT ecosystem.

Alan D. Weinberger, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ASCII Technology Holdings stated, "Unlike the large, horizontal search engines, the IT Locator is vertical and uses Geo-IP based location technology and industry created, standardized data to automatically identify the local solution provider and presents them with the closest matches to the user's specific needs and search criteria. It is a much more targeted search with standardized, industry created data that is very valuable for all parties involved in the buying and selling process for technology solutions."

IT Locator has forged a strategic alliance with Ziff Davis Enterprise in order to create visibility and heighten awareness of IT Locator.  Ziff Davis Enterprise, which receives over 14 million page views per month, will integrate IT Locator into its network of 12 different web sites. In addition, major industry vendors including Google, Intel, Dell and Kaseya have agreed to work with IT Locator in promoting IT Locator to their channel partners and value added resellers (VARs) as a way of assisting their partners to market themselves and drive sales and value added service revenues.

About IT Locator

IT Locator is the de facto standard for vertical search, business networking and digital distribution for the IT industry. IT Locator helps technology solution providers to market themselves and their services to local business, government, educational and home users.  

IT Locator also helps businesses and individuals find their local technology solution providers quickly and easily.  IT Locator is the first independent, vertical search engine (VSE) created for IT buyers and sellers that employs algorithms that use only its own proprietary data created in industry standard format.  By utilizing this industry neutral approach, IT Locator can guarantee the end user of obtaining a better search result with a higher quality filter.  The company can be reached at (301) 841-4664 or at

About The ASCII Group, Inc. (ASCII)

The ASCII Group, Inc., headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, was established in 1984.  ASCII has additional offices in Canada, India and the UK.  ASCII is the largest paying community of independent computer solution providers and resellers in the world with more than 2,000 members throughout the United States, Canada and certain other countries. System wide end-user sales are approximately $10.5 billion.  ASCII provides technology tools, products and services to assist independent information technology solution providers and resellers increase profits, reduce costs, and grow their respective businesses. ASCII also runs the world's largest independent eForum for solution providers to exchange technical, sales and other vital information to better serve their business and end-users.  The Company can be reached at (800) 394-2724, or at

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