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Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printers Cleaned Quickly and Effectively
Mar 26, 2010 (04:03 PM EDT)

Remove contaminants that can degrade print clarity using new cleaning tool

AUBURN, Maine, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Consistently printing clear and crisp labels requires the proper cleaning maintenance of any thermal printer. KICTeam's introduction of the Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer Cleaning Card which features Waffletechnology will maintain that clarity on Seiko Instruments thermal printers. This new product was designed specifically for the SLP family of thermal printers through a joint effort of Seiko Instruments USA, Inc. and KICTeam. This new cleaning card is a quick and almost effortless means of removing any leftover adhesive residue or paper dust that can deteriorate the legibility of the print.

"We are pleased to introduce the new Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer Cleaning Card as part of an overall printer preventative maintenance program," said Dennis Cox, General Manager, Thermal Printer Division, Seiko Instruments USA, Inc. "Our customers can increase printer longevity and maintain the quality of printed materials by implementing consistent use of this new cleaning card. Further, we are pleased to offer this through our current distribution network."

"The new Seiko Instruments product was designed for easy use in any printer environment. This effective product will offer thermal printer users a fast and effective cleaning solution while maintaining the clarity of the printed label," explained Debra Ross, Product Manager / OEM Business Development Worldwide, KICTeam. "By using this Seiko Instruments approved product with a proper maintenance schedule, the printers will print clearer and last longer."

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