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E-Mon Launches New Web Site at
Mar 25, 2010 (06:03 PM EDT)

Redesigned web site streamlines product, application engineering and sales / service info to make ordering submetering hardware, software and accessories easier than ever before.

LANGHORNE, Pa., March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- E-Mon, LLC, the electric submetering market leader and manufacturer of the widely installed E-Mon D-Mon® product line, announced today that it has launched a completely redesigned and enhanced website. Developed to help users find answers to questions quickly and easily, the new web site includes major improvements in the areas of content, navigation and search functions.


"Because the Internet plays such an important role in our communication and customer service strategy, we've re-engineered our website to ensure that our key contractor, distributor and engineering audiences can access crucial information faster and with greater ease than ever before," said Don Millstein, President and CEO of E-Mon. "After tracking how our customers use the website, we've re-tooled our navigation system in a way that makes locating the desired information easier and faster, thus saving site visitors valuable time."

Organized in a logical, user-friendly format, major site sections include:

  • Home Page—Visitor welcome; quick navigation bar; company news; advanced search; links to latest energy industry news
  • About—History of E-Mon; company directory of key personnel with contact information
  • Products—Metering products; software & systems; third-party solutions
  • How to Buy—Links to local distributors and installers
  • FAQ—Features, advantages and benefits of submetering, and other need-to-know topics
  • Support—Presale support; technical support; contacts
  • News—Case studies, press releases, technical articles

The user-friendly interface and other enhanced features make it easier to navigate major web site categories. Key information can also be quickly viewed by clicking on the market-specific segment buttons for commercial, industrial, institutional, government, multi-family, green buildings and others. Each market segment includes:

  • Submetering Solutions—Recommended E-Mon metering products to support your energy management goals by market segment
  • Who Uses E-Mon D-Mon?—List of real-world customers by name who rely on E-Mon D-Mon energy monitoring products for their facilities
  • Energy Management Research—Downloadable documents to help users specify the appropriate metering solution for their facilities

The new web site can be viewed at  

About E-Mon, LLC

Established in 1981, E-Mon is the industry leader in solid-state electronic kilowatt-hour submeters, automatic meter reading software and other energy management products and services. Almost 500,000 E-Mon products are installed worldwide for tenant billing, cost allocation, demand side management, energy conservation and load profiling across the commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and multi-family facility landscape. E-Mon is an active member of the Federal Energy Management Program task force, Alliance to Save Energy, Association of Energy Engineers, U.S. Green Building Council and other organizations. For further information, visit:  

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