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Free International Mobile Calling Standard Reset by Rebtel
Mar 23, 2010 (03:03 PM EDT)

PALM DESERT, Calif., March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- DEMO Spring 2010 -- Rebtel, the Internet phone company used by more than 4 million people around the world, today demonstrated a new application for Android phones that automatically makes international calls between 51 countries free of charge – no Wi-Fi required.

Called Rebtel Free Call, the app will be in the Android Market by next week. The iPhone and BlackBerry versions are now being prepared for submission to Apple and RIM.

"International calls from telephones used to grow a steady 15% every year until recently when it dropped to 8%, mainly due to the new behavior of calling from computers. But most people would rather use their phone, not their computer, to make an international call," said Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Stockholm-based Rebtel.  "As we take our Android app's automatic free international calling to iPhone, Blackberry, and eventually regular feature phones, we think we can tear a significant chunk out of the annual 406 billion minutes called internationally, because Rebtel Free Call means you'll never have to pay for an international minute again."

Rebtel Free Call is free to download and free to use. Once installed:

  1. Select an international phone number from the onboard address book or type in the number.
  2. Press the Call button.
  3. Rebtel uses the standard cellular network to connect the call over the Internet.

There is no charge for the call if the initiator and receiver have Rebtel Free Call installed on their phones. Rebtel's standard ultra-low rates will apply if the person abroad receiving the call doesn't have Rebtel Free Call installed on their phone. However, a manual method for making the call free of charge is available at

About Rebtel

Rebtel is an Internet phone company that makes it possible to use any phone in 51 countries to call anywhere in the world for just pennies per minute or for free. Rebtel customers only pay for the minutes they use. There are no monthly fees, no connection fees, or hidden costs. Free calls are possible between the 51 countries served by Rebtel and only one of the two people on a call must be a Rebtel customer. For more information, or to start using Rebtel, go to

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