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Global Shield Security: Use of Technology Will Result in Considerable Decrease in Risk and Waste
Mar 11, 2010 (06:03 PM EST)

LOS ANGELES, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent study performed by Los Angeles security company Global Shield Security, Inc. found that the use of technology, more specifically electronic devices and access control systems, can decrease the risk of injury and loss and reduce the amount of waste and unnecessary expenditures in manufacturing facilities.

Global Shield Security did a survey of 25 facilities that they provide security for, and have provided security for in the past, and found that an overwhelming majority had not made any significant improvements in the technology used in their management systems. Of the companies surveyed, 76% have not made any significant changes in the past 5 years, and 28% have not made any significant changes in the past 10 years. Examples of such improvements would be the implementation of vehicle tracking systems, employee access control systems, emergency shut-off systems for heavy machinery, and remote management of the facilities.

The company has put considerable effort into the use of technology to help facilities better manage their assets and their employees. They believe that technology will reduce the risk of accidents, operational errors, misplacement of inventory and equipment, and will allow companies to better manage their resources and eliminate waste.

"With our current economic situation, there really is no more room for error," says Zabi Kator, President of Global Shield Security. "One mistake could cost you millions of dollars, and even billions of dollars is not uncommon anymore. A financial setback like that becomes an operational setback and then next thing you know, you don't exist anymore." Kator is a strong advocate for using technology in business, and he has made it a rule to implement technology wherever he can to minimize risk and waste and to manage the company effectively, if the investment is worthwhile. "If I have to spend five dollars in order to save six, I am willing to do it every time; from an economic perspective, it only makes sense."

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