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Arcadian Networks Introduces 2nd Generation Gateway for SMART Grid Communications
Mar 03, 2010 (05:03 PM EST)

Next Generation AE20r integrates WiMax, other technologies on 700 MHz platform for seamlessly converged networks across entire enterprise territory

NEW YORK, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Arcadian Networks, the private wireless communications provider, today launched the AE20r, a second generation router/gateway that integrates a multitude of technologies with numerous applications and devices. The AE20r allows utilities to gather real-time information from virtually any converged platform, empowering utilities to manage and monitor assets and to generate smart grid efficiencies.

This newest device from Arcadian Networks is a second generation router/gateway that builds on the tradition of Arcadian's Gateway products, but adds the ability to link with WiMax. By combining Arcadian's licensed 700 MHz spectrum with an interface to WiMAX, utilities can now leverage the wide-scale coverage, security, and reliability of the licensed spectrum with the increased capacity and redundancy provided by WiMAX.

The AE20r enhances Arcadian's comprehensive package of end-to-end communication solutions that include:

  • licensed and secure 700 MHz spectrum
  • IP, open-standards based hardware
  • an energy focused expertise in design and build-out

In addition, these latest benefits complement the connectivity and coverage solutions already provided by Arcadian's Gateway series: the cost-effective, seamless connectivity between the utility's high value endpoints with the utility's hard to reach, high volume deployments.

The multiple AE20r interfaces are capable of supporting:

  • Arcadian 700 MHz
  • WiMAX (802.16e, 802.16d)
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
  • Serial, USB, Ethernet
  • 900 MHz (ISM and MAS) industrial radio

With regard to integration capabilities, the AE20r (ISO9001:2000 certified), is designed with support for partner integration. The unit provides a standards-based platform enabling 3rd party integration of Network Management and Control Systems.

"The design of the AE20r is modular and open, to accommodate the complex requirements of our customers," commented Arnon Afgin, vice president of research and development. "Not only can the AE20r collapse multiple network technologies into a single compact and converged platform, but our router can also be utilized for both fixed deployments (hot zones, smart grid, smart meter, etc.) as well as low-cost rugged mobile deployments of the field force."

"Through our AE20r, Arcadian can now offer a unique blend of technologies that meet the coverage and capacity needs of our customers", added Jake Rasweiler, vice president, IT, engineering & network operations. "However, building a smart grid goes beyond boxes, technologies, and spectrum. Arcadian believes that an enterprise approach is inextricably linked to the Smart Grid. Only by applying Arcadian's SMART network methodology that combines our customers existing resources, with our licensed spectrum, and the desired applications, can a cost-effective, territory-wide, smart grid be achieved."

About Arcadian Networks

Arcadian Networks designs and delivers wireless broadband communication systems to the energy sector. The real-time, two-way communication networks provide the backbone of all "smart" energy solutions – delivering operating efficiencies, interoperability and security. Designed specifically for utility, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries, the IP converged networks are based on private, secured 700 MHz spectrum. Customized services range from blueprint to network deployment, systems integration, through customer service. For more information, please visit:

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