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One Network and Pegasus Logistics Group Partner to Achieve Supply Chain Excellence
Feb 25, 2010 (02:02 PM EST)

Flexibility and Visibility Provide Competitive Advantage for Customers

DALLAS, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- One Network Enterprises announced today that it was selected as a strategic partner by Pegasus Logistics Group. The partnership combines the power of demand-driven supply chain applications and global time-sensitive transportation and logistics services to create a single, comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of supply chain and logistics operations from planning through physical execution and fulfillment.


"The partnership represents a compelling value proposition to customers interested in solving the highly complex and challenging supply chain problems that traditional software and 3PLs can't handle," said Terry Turner, One Network President of Worldwide Operations. "We are now positioned to offer customized end - to - end supply chain solutions that can be deployed rapidly with minimal IT investment to drive value for customers, specifically those with complex logistical needs." As a result of the partnership, Pegasus Logistics Group and One Network Enterprise will be able to resell each other's services.

"Like One Network we take a very consultative approach to meeting customer needs and offer solutions that transcend traditional technology and business process barriers," said Pegasus CEO and Founder, Ken Beam. "The power of a technology platform like One Network allows us to offer our customers a more comprehensive set of capabilities with a much lower IT cost to Pegasus. After an extensive evaluation, we believe that a cloud computing solution like One Network is best for Pegasus and our customers."

The partnership will offer customers a wide variety of unique and customizable services that span supply chain planning, execution, and fulfillment functions including transportation, order management, asset tracking, reverse logistics, and managed delivery services. The benefit to customers is the flexibility and visibility that will be available to support these processes. As a result, the partnership creates an opportunity for companies to outsource logistics processes and to manage projects using the latest technology with the highest possible service and the fastest time to value thus giving them a more profitable and competitive supply chain.

About One Network Enterprises

One Network is the fastest growing provider of business intelligence, planning and execution solutions built on a federated cloud computing platform. With more than 4,000 companies connected, One Network offers industry specific applications for government, consumer packaged goods, retail, high tech, and logistics. Committed to embrace not replace existing technologies, One Network develops and supports a portfolio of packaged solutions for business intelligence, supply chain, and sustainability/energy as well as an industry leading developer toolkit for building customized multi-party applications. One Network enables unprecedented visibility and collaboration for improved insight, decision-making, and business processes via synchronized, multi-enterprise communities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, One Network has offices in Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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About Pegasus Logistics Group

Pegasus offers a full spectrum of global transportation and logistics services. Leveraging our flexible network of trusted partners, Pegasus works closely with clients to determine optimal solutions that exceed customer expectations of service, reliability, and savings. Specialized solutions include asset management and accountability, first and final mile customization of delivery processes, supplier compliance, management of new product roll-out, optimization of inventory staging, and technical installation of kiosks and other specialized equipment.

What makes Pegasus unique is the combination of our collaborative approach to solving supply chain problems, visibility and performance solutions, optimized non-asset based network, and dynamic entrepreneurial culture. Each solution is custom built to fully address the specific challenges faced by the customer. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating vendors into the business in order to make the vendor community a true extension of the Pegasus client offering. The key to our success is our continued focus on the customer problem at hand while leveraging best in class expertise and technology. For more information, please visit

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