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Supply Chain Toolworks Unveils a New Software Category Platform for Operations Planning
Feb 18, 2010 (03:02 PM EST)

Supply Chain Toolworks Inc. announces Operation Strategy Planner™ Version 10.01.0 a new software category platform for manufacturing Operations Strategy that models the operations planning space used by Manufacturing and Retail Supply-chain planners to make tactical and executive decisions governing sourcing, production, and deployment.  

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Supply Chain Toolworks Inc. (SCT), a leading manufacturer of software solutions for Process Manufacturers, today announced the general availability of Operation Strategy Planner™ Version 10.01.0, a cloud-based and Enterprise grade customer premise Software solution and Software As A Service (SAAS) model version 10.1.0.  This modular system foundation features: Data Consolidation Workflow, Model Development, and a Demand Driven Supply Chain Evaluator.  

Supply Chain Toolworks addresses the need to demonstrate massive cost savings of $1 million in annual cash flow per plant* by better planning and designing run strategies that hit Key Performance Indictors (KPIs).

Operation Strategy Planner™ achieves these unprecedented results with sophisticated workflows and patented processes developed over fifteen years that have evolved to become our revolutionary Operations Strategy Planner (OSP), the core of our platform; this powerful tool automates strategic and tactical planning to support customers in executing sophisticated Operations Planning on their own.  

We provide Executive Analysis by using a unified statistical planning model(s) that designs run strategies to meet or exceed KPIs, by instilling a rhythm and predictability to manufacturing environments.  We target optimal raw material inventory levels to include safety stock, and provide activity based costing all to save $1 million per manufacturing plant annually*.  

*Saving based on survey of process manufacturers and results available upon request

About Supply Chain Toolworks Inc.

Supply Chain Toolworks Inc. was conceptualized early in 2001 by two former management consultants of the famed consulting firm PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Lorine DeHuff and Stephen Johanson, noted supply chain experts, struck out on their own with the lofty goal of automating Capacity Planning and Strategic analysis.  The partners focused on providing business process improvement in the supply chain specialty of operations planning and developed a set of proprietary workflows and analytics to support these.  In mid 2009, DeHuff and Johanson partnered with Dr. Vijay Hanagandi of Optimum Solutions renowned for his work in the field of Operations Research and Optimization to create Supply Chain Toolworks Inc. and develop its third generation product.

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