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eSecuritel's HITS Technology Helps Wireless Service Providers, Dealers Reduce Churn, Increase Revenue
Dec 08, 2009 (09:12 AM EST)

ATLANTA, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- eSecuritel Handset Issue Tracking System , the expert in comprehensive handset replacement protection and replacement programs, reports that its web-based (HITS(TM)) used by wireless service providers and independent dealers to support a unique insurance program, is enabling these businesses to reduce churn, raise customer satisfaction, and increase monthly revenue while helping customers defray costs related to handset issues.

HITS is an automated real-time technology that streamlines the claim fulfillment process and removes the burden for wireless carriers and independent dealers, making it possible to deliver faster adjudication and replacement services to consumers. Service providers and independent dealers using HITS gain an innovative software platform which combines information tracking, operations management and data analysis capabilities to deliver an automated process for replacing inoperable or lost wireless devices. Carriers who have deployed this eSecuritel offering have consistently seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"The ability to bring the best possible products and services to our customers is critical in today's increasingly competitive marketplace where consumers have so many choices," said Rob Scott, Director of Products and Logistics at Cincinnati Bell Wireless. "The technology eSecuritel brings to our network gives us the tool we need to deliver a handset protection program which we believe helps us to continually exceed our customers' expectations."

With HITS, the entire claims, shipping, refurbishment and fulfillment process is handled seamlessly and transparently through a proven program which adheres to the insurance industry's strict regulatory requirements. This fully compliant offering allows service providers and independent dealers to bring the best possible replacement experience to their customers.

"We pride ourselves on having built a superior tool for service providers and independent dealers interested in bringing their customers the benefits of the most comprehensive yet easy-to-administer handset replacement program on the market," said David Leach, CEO, eSecuritel. "However, it is critical that these businesses maintain a competitive edge in today's difficult economic environment. As a result, we continue to find ways to improve and upgrade our unique technology."

eSecuritel regularly enhances the HITS platform with quarterly and sometimes more frequent updates related to logistics, claims processing and other program aspects based on both the needs of its customers as well as industry trends and regulations. Recent upgrades to HITS have included the addition of delivery options as well as IVR (interactive voice response) integration related to billing and call center operations. The HITS system makes all data available to wireless service providers and independent dealers during the entire handset insurance lifecycle based on pre-set security levels. Complete transparency fosters the most efficient environment at each part of the process while delivering a high level of information and satisfaction to the end consumer.

Over 20 carriers rely on the data-handling capabilities of HITS to gain critical information which supports a broad range of real-time analytical reporting needed to successfully manage a handset protection program. Additionally, HITS supports the complete handling of all program aspects from call-center operations and the logistics of shipping replacement handsets to information-tracking capabilities which ensure accurate monitoring of the process for the carrier as well as its subscribers. eSecuritel also offers the ability to configure handset protection plans at the subscriber level giving service providers and independent dealers a level of flexibility not available through competing programs.

Founded in 2001, eSecuritel, the expert in comprehensive handset protection and replacement programs, delivers an unparalleled customer experience for subscribers and profitability for carriers and dealers. Unlike other services where only malfunction is covered, eSecuritel protects new, used, or prepaid wireless devices against loss, theft and accidental damage as well as mechanical/electronic failure and malfunction. As the cornerstone to our services delivery, our Handset Issue Tracking System, or HITS(TM) technology, easily integrates with a carrier's or dealer's systems, managing all aspects of the handset replacement program from subscriber enrollment to claim fulfillment. It removes the burden of program management, making it possible to deliver faster adjudication and replacement services to subscribers. eSecuritel is the most flexible and responsive provider of handset insurance services to more wireless operators than any other company in the world. With a program which adheres to the insurance industry's strict regulatory requirements, eSecuritel delivers peace of mind to wireless carriers, dealers and consumers. For more information, visit .

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