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Unedited news and product information from vendors. Brings Home the Bacon with an 8.78% Gain in September
Oct 26, 2009 (08:10 AM EDT)

HOUSTON, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ --, a stock option selling advisory service, reported monthly gains for September 2009 of 8.78%. This is after a 16.3% monthly gain in August. Even after the large moves in the S&P 500 this year, members of are still generating returns twice that of the S&P.

Founded by Allan Sama, lets anyone see Sama's actual stock option trades and adjustments through real-time updates; by making the same trades themselves, members can enjoy the average 8% to 10% monthly returns Sama consistently achieves. Even with the Dow down 34% in 2008, Sama and his members made 102.14% for the year.

"Whenever the market moves in a sideways range, option sellers make money. The beauty of my system is that we can also make money when the market makes large moves, as it has been doing recently," reports Sama. "The key to making money consistently is being able to adjust your positions when they go against you. That is something very hard to do in simpler option-selling strategies like covered calls."

Selling stock options is a trading style that generates income month after month. Once a position is initiated, theta (time) decay sets in and the stock options sold begin to lose value. This is what Sama refers to as "selling time." With studies showing that close to 80% of all stock options expiring worthless, it is easy to see why this style of trading is considered conservative.

"I aim for a 10% monthly gain. I don't try for home runs or grand slams. I like hitting singles and doubles. I hate losing money and all my trades are positioned in a way to lose as little as possible if they go against me but make a nice return if they work out," says Sama.

And with close to 80% of all his trades resulting in winners, it is easy to see why membership at continues to increase.

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