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PTFS Expands RetrievalWare Maintenance, Support and Help Desk Services
Oct 16, 2009 (12:10 PM EDT)

BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- HASH(0x127abf0) has recently been awarded contracts by the FDA, Air Force, and a DoD agency to provide comprehensive RetrievalWare maintenance and help desk support for user, technical, and administrative requests. In addition, PTFS is providing manufacture supplied updates and patches for RetrievalWare and specific modules.

Microsoft recently announced plans to phase out maintenance and support for many RetrievalWare users by January 2010, and for RetrievalWare users by January 2011.

Thanks to PTFS and their 14+ years of RetrievalWare experience, customers can still obtain maintenance, support and help desk services through June 2013. PTFS's comprehensive RetrievalWare OEM Agreement provides access to Microsoft personnel for diagnostic tools and new patches, and extends RetrievalWare's useful life well after Microsoft has eliminated maintenance and support for all versions.

For Government and commercial users who want to migrate their content repositories/collections (RetrievalWare Libraries) to a newer, more efficient content management platform, PTFS provides migration services to its flagship content management and search application: HASH(0x12d8e90) . PTFS has developed a seamless and transparent migration path from RetrievalWare to ArchivalWare to preserve an organization's investment in metadata records and browse hierarchies (Filerooms in RetrievalWare) and enable additional functionality and features.

ArchivalWare utilizes the RetrievalWare search engine and shares the same basic architecture including search algorithms for Boolean, concept and pattern matching, and has been successfully deployed at 75+ customer sites. ArchivalWare was initially developed to provide an intuitive and easy to use interface along with more robust administrative and security features. In response to user requests, PTFS has taken a pro-active approach by adding functionalities to ArchivalWare including:

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