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Compound Profit Launches Revolutionary C-Media Mail Digital Marketing Engine
Sep 11, 2009 (08:09 AM EDT)

MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Cutting or eliminating a marketing budget can be fatal for small and big businesses alike. When companies struggle, it's marketing that often gets the ax, making it all the more difficult to attract new customers and build revenue. However, more and more business-owners are grasping the dire consequences of such actions and now exploring ways to maximize marketing dollars. This includes a groundbreaking, digital marketing service offered by Compound Profit ( HASH(0x12fa410) HASH(0x12fbfb0) ), a Texas-based franchise that provides funding solutions for businesses throughout the country. Called "C-Media Mail" ( ), this innovative program fuses together key features of today's most effective marketing strategies, including television, radio, direct mail, Internet and e-mail.

"C-Media Mail is a multi-functional, highly dynamic 'real-time' marketing tool that's come just at the right time," says James Penny, founder and president of Compound Profit. "C-Media Mail brings you the fusion of eye-popping graphics, professionally recorded and relevant video footage, and your compelling audio message, all of which are delivered to your company's target market at the frequency you need. It's customized, convenient and conventional, so that whether you're using C-Media Mail as a complement or alternative to your current marketing, it's effective, easy and inexpensive to use."

As a proven national leader in helping businesses boost earnings and lower losses, Compound Profit offers clients an entire portfolio of media services through its "Business Multiplier Program." C-Media Mail is just one component of this digital marketing program that's designed to create a synergistic response among C-Media Mail, SEO, social networks and other forms of online information distribution. All the various services offered through the Business Multiplier Program are developed to bring Compound Profit's clients into the forefront of the Internet marketing age.

"Compound Profit is in the business of helping every type of company succeed," Penny says. "In particular, C-Media Mail, as part of our larger Business Multiplier Program, was intentionally crafted to support companies of all sizes, from boutique businesses to mega-corporations. Growing brand and reach is crucial to professional survival, and C-Media Mail provides a cost-effective, cutting-edge way to do just that."

Compound Profit is growing to 300 franchised locations across the United States and will employ 6,000 account executives. Applications for new franchise operators and account executives are now being accepted.

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Compound Profit provides working capital and equipment to companies while its Profit Advisors simultaneously coach clients on how to increase earnings and decrease losses and risk. With decades of experience in finance and business, Compound Profit's team empowers clients with the know-how to make their companies profitable and healthy. This approach stabilizes ventures of all sizes and positions them for increased funding opportunities. Launched in Texas, Compound Profit has expanded nationwide and operates under a successful franchise model.

Contact: James Penny Founder/President, Compound Profit 877-386-3716

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