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Votan Selects blinkx's Cutting-Edge Video Search Capabilities to Enhance Broadcast Monitoring Platform
Aug 03, 2009 (08:08 AM EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ blinkx, the world's largest video search engine, today announced a technology partnership with Votan Research Corporation, a research and development organization that develops technologies for visual interactive telecommunication and information sciences. Votan creates advanced technology solutions for a wide range of customers, from enterprise to transportation clients, delivering real-time information and video whenever and wherever needed. Under the terms of the agreement, Votan will utilize blinkx's video search technology to enhance its custom broadcast monitoring platform.

Votan's custom television broadcast monitoring platform gives clients access to vast video repositories and uses speaker independent speech recognition in many languages to automatically build a comprehensive database that enables users to find exactly what they seek efficiently and accurately. The system incorporates Votan's "VTNX(TM)" video streaming technology to deliver broadcast-quality video on-demand to the user's desktop located anywhere.

Coupled with blinkx's audio and image analysis technologies, multi-lingual vocabulary recognition and language translation software, Votan's fully automated system extracts concepts and themes within video in order to automatically and precisely locate and stream desired footage from real-time and automatically generated vast repositories of video content. Customers are now able to find and view video content based upon the actual content of the video, set up targeted alerts, and search content broadcasters quickly and easily.

"blinkx's video search is based on technology that was developed over 12 years at Cambridge University and is protected by 111 patents. The power of the solution lies in using every characteristic of the video itself, from speech to image analysis, to understand the content and make it easily searchable," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx. "We're delighted to partner with Votan to enhance its smart video technologies and believe clients will truly benefit from the offering."

"Votan is committed to providing our clients with usable, accurate, real-time visual information at their fingertips," said Dr. Daniel Pearlson, founder and CEO, Votan. "We're very pleased to partner with blinkx. blinkx's unsurpassed technology is a perfect match with Votan's vast scale recording, broadcast-quality Internet transmission systems, and contextual incident monitor and control systems. Users can now instantly be apprised of critical developments in real-time, as well as easily find visually contextual information without manual review or delay."

As a leader in contextual live video streaming and secure vast scale broadcast-quality recording systems, Votan's breakthrough visual telecommunication technologies are transforming the way video information is stored, processed, accessed and utilized by governments, businesses, and people everywhere.

A pioneer in video search technology, blinkx has established a reputation as a smart way to search new forms of online content such as video. blinkx uses advanced speech recognition technology to deliver results that are accurate and reliable, and powers video search for on-line leaders including Ask, Real and Lycos.

blinkx plc is the world's largest and most advanced video search engine. Today, blinkx has indexed more than 35 million hours of audio, video, viral and TV content, and made it fully searchable and available on demand. blinkx's founders set out to solve a significant challenge - as TV and user-generated content on the Web explode, keyword-based search technologies only scratch the surface. blinkx's patented search technologies listen to - and even see - the Web, helping users enjoy a breadth and accuracy of search results not available elsewhere. In addition, blinkx powers the video search for many of the world's most frequented sites. blinkx is based in San Francisco and London. More information is available at

Votan Research Corporation develops the world's most technologically advanced visual interactive telecommunication and information technologies for military, public safety, enterprise, transportation and television broadcasting applications. Votan products include mobile and wearable digital video recorders/transmitters as well as comprehensive information management infrastructures to deliver real-time mission critical information whenever and wherever needed.

Votan systems include secure real-time and retrospective video analytics processing systems, LIVE wireless video and data telemetry systems, and vast scale video storage and retrieval systems. High-quality video with synchronized audio, data telemetry, biometry, geo-contextual information, and high-resolution digital photographic imaging is streamed live using virtually any terrestrial or wireless IP service including cellular and satellite services. For more information, contact Votan at

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