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Distribution Network for Eutelsat's Tooway(TM) Broadband Service Gathers Speed With Numeo in France
Sep 25, 2008 (12:09 PM EDT)

PARIS, September 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Eutelsat Communications today announced the expansion in France of the distribution network of its Tooway(TM) service with the signature of an agreement with Numeo S.A.. Eutelsat's innovative Tooway(TM) service offers a fully satellite-based broadband solution to consumers beyond range of ADSL networks.

Numeo, a specialist provider of Internet services for rural areas, has been marketing wireless broadband access solutions for underserved areas since 2004, and commercialises the offers of Public Initiative Networks in more than 30 French departments. The company is now expanding its portfolio of broadband solutions with the Tooway(TM) satellite broadband service, which it will immediately market as "the best technology for everyone" from 29.90 euros per month.

Tooway(TM) is provided through Ka-band capacity on Eutelsat's HOT BIRD(TM) 6 satellite which provides full coverage of France via a high-power regional beam. The service is operated by Skylogic, Eutelsat's broadband affiliate, from its SkyPark teleport in Turin.

"We very carefully examined the full range of existing two-way satellite solutions and selected the one offering high power at an affordable price for our customers who cannot reach ADSL, Wimax or Wifi," said Francois-Michel Richiardi, Chairman and CEO of Numeo S.A. "The high performance and simplicity of Tooway(TM) in terms of deploying and expanding the service, as well as the expansion that will come in 2010 with the exceptional level of resources and efficiency of Eutelsat's KA-SAT satellite, convinced us to cooperate with Europe's market leader for satellite broadband. Thanks to Tooway(TM) we are now in a position to ensure no one is deprived of high-quality broadband."

"This new contract clearly shows that Tooway(TM) is the first choice for partners rating quality of service is a key expectation," said Arduino Patacchini, CEO of Skylogic and Multimedia Director of Eutelsat. "Now available in 14 countries across Europe, Tooway(TM) represents the best complement to terrestrial networks for operators who are seeking to extend their subscriber base to homes beyond range of ADSL."

Tooway(TM) was launched in 2007 as part of Eutelsat's commitment to developing broadband services to bridge the digital divide. The service is based on the SurfBeam DOCSIS(R) technology developed by ViaSat, Eutelsat's longstanding broadband partner. Through the use of Ka-band frequencies Tooway(TM) can deliver a broadband experience comparable to ADSL in terms of speed and price. In 2010, with the entry into service of Eutelsat's KA-SAT satellite and associated ground infrastructure Tooway(TM) will be able to deliver high-speed Internet services to homes throughout Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. KA-SAT's exceptional throughput of more than 70 Gigabits per second marks a turning point in satellite broadband, enabling over one million homes to be served by a single satellite.

For more information on Numeo please contact: Lydie Boiteux Tel +33-4-88-68-21-01

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