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New York-Based Managed Service Provider Praises ROBOBAK's N+1 Technology; Calls its Scalability 'Critical' to Growth Plans
Sep 02, 2008 (08:09 AM EDT)

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ --, a Rochester-based managed service provider (MSP) focused on providing data retention and disaster recovery services for medical practices and legal firms, today said its choice of Version 8 Data Protection Suite software from ROBOBAK(TM) was based on ROBOBAK's "N+1" capability. The company said that capability is helping it meet growing customer demand for data protection at multiple sites throughout New York State, and will help it serve new customers as it expands nationally.

"N+1" capacity is designed to allow data protection systems to handle an unlimited amount of connections, with the ability to seamlessly add and automatically configure additional hardware as needed. N+1 systems also allow for load balancing and provides protection against hardware or software failure, key elements in a firm's ongoing efforts to protect its corporate- critical information.

"Our business was growing so rapidly with additional capacity required, that frequent hardware and software updates presented us with an ongoing problem," said Matthew Chesterton,'s principal. "ROBOBAK's N+1 scalability was critical to our success and drove our decision, since it allows us to automatically add additional processing nodes without having to take our system down."

Chesterton said ROBOBAK's agentless installation across multiple machines, allowing for site-wide installation within minutes, was also a key consideration in his company's decision, saying, "ROBOBAK was the best. Other software companies claimed to have agentless capabilities as well, but the more we checked, the more we realized that they couldn't back up their claims." He also praised ROBOBAK's built-in data encryption capability, noting that his clients must constantly secure their data to comply with government and judicial regulations such as HIPAA and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). "Other companies said they offered encryption, but it was available only as an add-on," Chesterton noted. "ROBOBAK's encryption was part of the core offering, which was a major advantage."

Introduced earlier this year, ROBOBAK's Version 8 Data Protection Suite software offers a full range of advanced features, enabling companies to adopt a unified approach in protecting data from remote and branch locations. With advantages such as agentless installation, "real-world" continuous data protection (CDP), auto-discovery, source-based file de-duplication, and support for Microsoft Exchange 2007, SQL Server, Oracle and more, ROBOBAK has rapidly become the leader in agentless remote data protection software.

"Companies like OffSiteDataSync have grown to understand and appreciate that ROBOBAK offers a complete range of benefits they cannot get elsewhere without having to add on additional modules at significant cost," said Ron Roberts, ROBOBAK's president and chief executive officer. "This is especially true of MSPs, which must treat every one of their customers' sites as a remote location. The ability to quickly configure and powerfully multiple sites from a central browser gives firms using ROBOBAK an added advantage."

The ROBOBAK Version 8 Data Protection software suite is available in either Standard Edition or Enterprise Editions, exclusively through ROBOBAK's channel of authorized resellers.


ROBOBAK(TM) ( ) is a complete suite of network-based agentless remote data protection software for the Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) marketplace. The ROBOBAK Version 8 Data Protection Suite provides companies and their customers with the perfect data protection solution, coupling advanced features like easy installation, powerful administration and scalability. The result is cost-effective data protection.

As part of its corporate mission, ROBOBAK strives to be the leading provider of remote office, branch office backup and recovery software for the global marketplace with a complete and unwavering focus on our clients' requirements; to continuously enhance the ROBOBAK product suite while maintaining the highest degree of standards with regard to quality and consistency; and to provide a consistent level of customer service and support that exceeds all marketplace expectations. More information about the company and its products is available from the company's website, or by dialing 404.ROBOBAK.

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