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Zeta Interactive's RelevantNoise(TM) Technology Shows Obama-Biden Ticket Causes Spike in Online Buzz, But No Shift in Opinion
Aug 27, 2008 (08:08 AM EDT)

NEW YORK, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- As political pundits and media personalities weigh in on Senator Barack Obama's selection of Senator Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential candidate, the bloggers and social media enthusiasts on the Internet began their own war of words. As the cyber dust cleared, the results were mixed as the same partisan arguments apparently haven't changed, but instead gotten louder.

According to RelevantNoise(TM), Zeta Interactive's technology that mines the Internet's social media landscape -- including over 100 million blogs, as well as countless message boards and online communities -- the amount of buzz, or volume of posts, on the Internet regarding Barack Obama spiked over 45 percent on the day he announced Joe Biden as his running mate. The tone of the posts however remained fairly consistent with those before the announcement, with 55 percent of posts positive on the day of the announcement, vs. 51 percent of posts being positive overall for the month previous. Thus, while there was a significant increase in the volume of posts across the social Internet, the posts do not reflect a significant shift in opinion after Obama announced Biden as his VP (Click here to see charts -- ).

Among the arguments in favor of Obama's decision were those saying that Biden brings more experience to the ticket, is a "core Democrat" with solid Democratic values, and has the ability to "work across the aisles" with Republicans. Those disapproving contended that Biden was a "safe" and "politics as usual" candidate that went against Obama's campaign message of change and snubbed Vice Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. So equal in fact were these arguments that RelevantNoise found a 50/50 split in the blog posts -- equal to many recent voter polls.

"Through our RelevantNoise search, we tracked public opinion in the online media landscape to determine what has been the reaction to Obama's selection of Joe Biden as his VP," said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. "Being able to search throughout the entire blogosphere and determine volume patterns, and identify the gender and overall tone of each individual post about important news topics such as the Obama/Biden campaign and the presidential conventions illustrates the immediate value of blog mining intelligence and analysis."

Senator Joe Biden will be the featured prime-time speaker during Wednesday night's Democratic National Convention and is likely to draw even more reaction in the blogosphere.

RelevantNoise is a Web-based, user-driven social media mining tool that instantly taps into the over 100 million blogs, as well as message boards and online communities within the Internet's social media landscape, providing real-time feedback and insight on the consumer trends and opinions that help drive their behaviors. A growing number of organizations rely on the technology to collect vital business and competitive intelligence to help drive decisions regarding their brands and products.

In addition to measuring the volume and tone of conversations across the blogosphere, RelevantNoise also measures the influence level of bloggers, and provides links to all related posts. The technology is also able to measure competitors' Internet buzz as well, including share-of-voice. A company or political campaign can now compare the volume and tone of buzz surrounding its organization vs. the competition to help gauge the effectiveness of messaging and/or quickly change strategy when necessary.

Zeta Interactive continues to innovate the next generation of digital marketing for Fortune 1000 customers, and its clients with full-service digital marketing offerings, including its award-winning RelevantNoise technology.

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