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'The Next Up' Empowers Car Dealerships With Leverage to Hire Successful Sales Professionals From Declining Mortgage Industry
Aug 07, 2008 (08:08 AM EDT)

ANAHEIM, Calif., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- With U.S. home sales at a 10-year low, many mortgage industry professionals are looking to switch careers. Many of these professionals are seeking positions in fields that, like the mortgage industry, place a high priority on customer service.

These and other professionals are turning to automotive sales, a business that lets them shift careers without totally shifting gears. Car dealerships using The Next Up software system from The Next Solutions Inc. are in sync with this trend and maximizing their potential to attract more qualified sales professionals.

A dealership in Northridge, CA deployed The Next Up to achieve just that. According to the dealership management, better-quality candidates have applied for sales positions because The Next Up process creates a structured environment that lends dignity to car sales and helps staff make the best use of their time. With this highly motivated and expert sales staff, the dealership's numbers in the down market are comparable to last year's -- despite a much smaller staff.

The Next Up not only helps attract experienced sales representatives but helps retain key personnel as well. "I now think of selling cars as a profession I can manage and grow with, not just a job until I find another," said a veteran sales representative.

Ashley Waugh of Competitive Solutions International and former head of training for a J.D. Power company, said, "With over 30 years in automotive dealerships, I have seen many new techniques/technologies come and go without any impact. The Next Up has all of the elements to radically change the problems all dealerships have." Specifically, The Next Up helps circumvent the most pressing challenges in the auto sales industry:

-- High degree of sales staff turnover -- Lack of fairness in the "ups" process -- Inability to train, prospect and follow up without missing opportunities for new customers -- Significant levels of workplace stress, a leading cause of health issues such as adult-onset diabetes and accelerated mortality -- Legal complaints arising from inconsistent procedures -- Advertising dollars wasted by negative first impressions

The Next Up software system's success revolves around its creation of a process enabling sales staff to handle incoming customers efficiently, thereby complementing the existing CRM structure. This, in turn, allows them to conduct business more professionally and effectively.

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The Next Solutions is steered by the executive team of Clint Burns and Kirk Sladen. Burns has held numerous sales and management posts, which led him to his development of The Next Up. Sladen brings more than 22 years of auto-business experience -- including work in sales and as a general manager - - to The Next Solutions.

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